Tuesday Talk – January 13, 2015

My oh my, how life is changing. Today I’ll be my daughter’s project for Grade 11 Cosmetology. I will get to be her guinea pig; I’m offering my hair for her to wash, cut, dry, style, and even dye (if she wants)!

This year was my daughter’s first year in Cosmetology, and it’s not the future career that she wants to pursue. However, apparently the teacher believes she’s doing extremely well … especially for being her first year in Cosmetology. The semester has now come to an end, and it’s time for ‘culminatings’ to be completed and handed in. For this class, the work on my hair will result in a chunk of her mark. I believe that to be 30% but don’t be upset with me if I’m wrong.

I’ll try to get before and after pictures but reserve the right not to share them.

Wish me luck; it’s my hair after all.

Tuesday Talk – January 6, 2015

It’s a slow start to the New Year for me; a start nonetheless. With the cold-frost bite- warning (a cold snap), the long ‘to do’ list, my mom’s situation, organizing my home, cleaning up and cleaning out my mom’s house, taking care of legal documents (here and back home), etc… Do you think I would feel like starting anything? No. I am tired. I am sad. I am drained emotionally. I’ve lost my oomph!

I want to do so much but just feel frozen. I know you’ve experienced this, I am not the only one. What do you do to get back on track? To gain energy? To perk up? To get things done?

Tuesday Talk – December 30, 2014

How many people do you think are excited to see the year come to an end?  Everyone?  No one?  Some?  How about you; are you excited?  I’m not so sure if I’m as excited as all of those lovely people.

While; it’s true, I’m fine with time progressing … I don’t have a say in it any way!  I’ve been (as you already know) pulled in every direction emotionally.  Time lapsed so quickly, half of that time I didn’t even know what was happening.  Do I actually want time to go by?  Perhaps but just not quickly.  I don’t want my mom’s illness to progress, and I certainly don’t want the inevitable to happen!  If I could do anything to put off this inevitability, I most certainly would.

While I prepare to ‘let go’ of 2014, I am reluctant to ’embrace’ the New Year.  Forgive me.  I won’t be celebrating by ringing in the New Year, or partying in style.  No.  I’ll be quiet, at home, worrying about what is yet to come.