Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is a special day to offer thanks for the harvest.  Historically, settlers offered thanks for their successful harvest; sharing their food with the indigenous peoples of the area.

Over time; and now today, Thanksgiving has become a day to get together with family and/or friends to give ‘thanks’ for everything we feel blessed with in our lives.

While I give thanks for all that I have, and for the safe country I live in, I am specifically grateful and thankful for my health.  After all that I have gone through, I am definitely blessed with my family and my health.

At this time, and always, I wish you as many blessings as I have … and more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

MyBitsandBleeps Wishes You a Very Happy Thanksgiving! Monday Mumblings – October 13, 2014

My Bits and Bleeps wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Today is a day of reflection; a day to reflect and be thankful for all that we have.

I’m very thankful for my daughter, my partner, and (of course) our health.  I am grateful that I still have my mother … she’s not well but she is being cared for in the hospital.

Today’s note is a simple one: enjoy life while you have it, and be grateful for all that has been granted to you.