It’s the Thought That Counts #birthdayscount

Birthdays are about enjoying time and creating fond memories with your friends and family.  Everything in life takes time and effort, like planning a birthday party for someone special:  from organizing the date and time of the party, sending out the invitations, picking up balloons, and baking a birthday cake.  My mother’s recent birthday was the simplest one of all.  She’s in a long-term-care facility and has Alzheimer’s.  I spent her birthday with her; it was just my mom and I but I made it as special as possible.  A little cake, a few wall decorations, and a baby bib for her baby (a doll that she won’t let go), made for a wonderful birthday memory.

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Enbridge and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. 
This birthday moment; although it wasn’t a party, is one I will never forget.  This was my mom’s first birthday spent in long-term care.  Birthdays don’t have to be fancy at all; have you heard of the old saying “it’s the thought that counts”?  In my opinion, spending time with your loved one is the most important thing you can do.

According to recent Enbridge survey data, 91% of Canadians think it’s important to celebrate birthdays of family and friends. They also found 82% of people felt more special when someone put energy into their birthday.

The Enbridge 100 Birthdays Video celebrates the power of birthdays and over 165 years in Ontario delivering the natural gas that helps people create those special moments that mean so much to Canadians. The video features 100 people, ages 1-100, each blowing out the candles on their birthday cake.  It’s a beautiful compilation of warm faces of all ages.

Enbridge is a part of my daily life, and is helping me enjoy the simple things in life … like a birthday! Although Enbridge doesn’t stir the batter or decorate the cake, it does provide the energy that makes things like a delicious birthday cake possible.  In a small way, they are a part of our lives.

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Enter for a chance to win a Brand New set of @SailunTires @PTPA #SailunCarClinic

I recently took part in a car clinic with PTPA.  On June 25th, Sailun Tires and PTPA put held their Sailun Car Clinic at Active Green+Ross at 5517 Dundas St., W., Etobicoke, Ontario, and I was one of the fortunate participants among them!

The Sailun Team wonderfully set up participatory and instructive mini classes.  We were broken up into teams and led through a series of mini classes:  how to change tires, what’s under the hood, what the signals mean, where to locate your vehicle information placard, and learning about tires.

I’m what you might describe as a ‘halfer’.  Half of me (the part that was born and raised here) has the modern mentality, and the other half of me (the part that spent every summer of her youth in Europe with her Grandparents – and the part that was raised by two European parents) has the old world mentality.  So; in my mind, while the Automotive World is no place for a woman, I have Canadian Woman me thinking “I can do this”.

It’s important to educate ourselves on tire/car safety because you’ll save money, the environment, and more importantly you’ll save yourself!  Safety for yourself, and those around you is the number one concern!  Your tires are what keep your car moving, so doesn’t it make sense to take care of them?  Ever experience a blow-out?  Terrifying isn’t it?  Losing control is a scary thing, and it’s dangerous.

You want tires that perform, have a comfortable road feel, and that keep you and your family safe.  If they can be economical then all the better!

About Sailun Tires: The first Sailun tires rolled off the production line in 2001. Now, Sailun sells over 30 million tires annually in over 50 countries world wide. []  Sailun has a tire lineup that offer PASSENGER, LIGHT TRUCK & SUV TIRES; you’ll be happy to discover that the prices are much more economical.

About the Sailun Car Clinic Experience:  I’m thrilled to have been included in the Sailun Car Clinic event.  I left feeling empowered, knowing that I would be able to change a flat tire (should the need ever come up)!  If any signals light up on the dashboard, I’ll be able to figure out what they mean.  In fact, the next time I take my car into the shop I won’t feel so clueless, and I won’t feel like I’m being taken advantage of.
 Almost 30 years ago, I took Young Driver’s classes and don’t recall ever learning any of what I learned at the Sailun Car Clinic.  Car safety should be taught; it should be mandatory before one is allowed to acquire a driver’s licence.

While at the Sailun Car Clinic, I shared many pictures and tips (even step-by-step instructions) to a variety of car care/maintenance.  You can find many by using hashtag (#) SailunCarClinic when in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I have some exciting news for you!  You can …

Enter for a chance to win a Brand New set of tires from Sailun Tires and PTPA:

*Ends July 27, 2015 Open to Canada (includes Quebec)*

Free Set of Sailun Tires

Disclosure:  PTPA has provided me with this Sailun Car Clinic experience in exchange for my review and to share news of their giveaway.  I have not been financially compensated.  A positive review is not required.  Opinions expressed (if any) are my own, and are given freely.  

What I Think of the @LifeProof nüüd for Galaxy S 4

I love the nüüd for Galaxy S 4 case and wish I had had it when I travelled to Mexico … it would have been perfect while snorkelling!  Did you know that LifeProof cases are water tested before being approved for shipping?  Yup!  Also, this case is built for drop protection; definitely an essential feature for moms everywhere.  In fact it’s built with four proofs in mind:  Water Proof, Dirt Proof, Snow Proof and Shock Proof.  Build strong, it still allows for complete screen access … you can actually touch the touchscreen!  This protective case is super thin and yet meets (or exceeds) all set standards.

nüüd for Galaxy S 4

Product Description:

nüüd for Galaxy S 4
Suggested Retail Price:$89.99

LifeProof has provided four-proof protection for Apple’s latest devices for years, and now the same go-anywhere protection is available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The nüüd for Galaxy S 4 provides robust protection to withstand any environment in a sleek, slim form that literally puts nothing between you and the Galaxy S 4’s amazingly brilliant screen.

Nuud 1

Using screenless technology, the nüüd creates a waterproof seal with the device’s glass display, so users can experience their device as intended while still getting the benefit of LifeProof protection:
* Water proof – in 6.6 feet/2 meters of water for up to one hour;
* Dirt proof – totally sealed from dirt and dust particles;
* Snow proof – fully enclosed to keep out the elements;
* Shock proof – designed to military specifications to survive a 6.6-foot/2-meter drop.

The nüüd offers full device functionality; optimized speaker and microphone sound; and is available in four color combinations. It’s designed to go everywhere your life take you.

Dimensions:5.8” x 3.2” x 0.6” / 148 mm x 81 mm x 15.2 mmWeight:1.6 oz / 46 gWater Proof:Fully submergible to 6.6’ / 2 m for 1 hourDirt Proof:Sealed from dirt & dust particles – meets or exceeds IP-68 Ingress Protection RatingSnow Proof:Sealed from snow & ice – meets or exceeds IP-68 Ingress Protection RatingShock Proof:Withstands drops from 6.6’ / 2 m – meets or exceeds MIL STD 810F-516



Nuud 2The nuud is an amazing case that definitely provides the ultimate in cell phone protection: water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof.  The waterproof seal is exceptional; it has the tightest seals I’ve ever seen, while I didn’t have the courage to test my cell phone in water for an hour I did test it for a few minutes and was amazed.  My daughter often takes my cell phone and ends up dropping it just about everywhere – she’s really a klutz – and I was relieved to discover that my phone was protected.  The only drawback I can see is with the charging port cover … while it has a perfect seal, it does pose a problem when trying to open it with my long nails.  That’s not the fault of the case; it’s suppose to have a tight seal.

The nuud case is very useful on a day-to-day basis.  How often have you had my cell on my lap while driving and then forget it’s there? … I park my car and when I get out of my car ‘boom’ my phone falls out of the car and drops onto the curb, or into the snow/puddle of water.  I recently went on vacation to Mexico and would have loved to have had this case with me while snorkling … I would have captured some fabulous memories!  My partner skiis and would love to have the nuud case … it’s a great protective case!

The nuud fits like a glove around the cell phone; it looks and feels like it has become “as one” with the cell phone.  Once on, the cell still fits in my hand and doesn’t feel any heavier than the cell phone originally is.  The nuud is very easy to set-up and begin using.  The instructions weren’t even required; that’s how easy it was!  Like a sandwich, you layer the cell phone between the top case and bottom case and then it snaps shut.  Simple.

The nuud is definitely well-made and is of exceptional quality.  The seal is tight and the screen protector went on easier than most and is crystal clear.  I actually thought that my phone didn’t take good pictures but after I put on the nuud screen protector I realized that my cell phone took amazing pictures!  I can’t believe how important a clear screen protector is in order to see!  The nuud performed really well during the testing period.  I was nervous; at first, but was amazed to discover just how effective it really is.  I have stopped being so worried about the ‘whereabouts’ of my cell.  I know it is as safe as it can be.

The price of this product reflects its quality and usefulness; in fact, the price really is a bargain knowing that my cell is completely protected.  You really do get complete peace of mind with this case.  Given the current retail price, not only would I personally purchase this product, I would highly recommend it to all my family and friends.  The nuud case is definitely worth owning.  The packaging of this product is fun, vibrant and colourful … it actually looks like a game (almost).  The packaging lists all the pertinent information and opens up (like a book) so that you can actually see the product without opening the box. The illustrations clearly outline how the case works/is set up.  The picture on the front cover depicts how you can use the case anywhere your life takes you.

Based on my experience with this product I would definitely recommend this product … I would especially recommend this product to everyone who has an active lifestyle.

Disclosure:  I am a PTPA tester and received the above-mentioned product in exchange for reviews.  I am not obliged to give a positive review.  Any opinion(s) expressed is my own, and is given freely.  Any information acquired from LifeProof’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.
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