Hanes Virtual Comfort Package Blog Posting @One2One Campaign

Hey!  Did you know that there is a Virtual Comfort Package app on the Pink tab of the Hanes Facebook page?

If you send virtual Comfort Care packages to all of your friends, and family, you will be triggering $1 donations for each package you send!  You can personalize your virtual Comfort Care package with: photos, videos, recipes, T-shirt designs, music and messages … and you can send it for free!  Guess what?  Hanes will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (up to $25,000) to promote early cancer detection and provide mammograms for those in need.  It’s that simple.  Send yours now:

It’s a small gesture, that you make, to perk up someone’s day, while creating an impact.

Along with the Comfort Package, the Pink tab on the Hanes Facebook page includes a video of interviews featuring Hanes employees who have been affected by breast cancer and the Words of Comfort Wall where fans can leave thoughts of hope and encouragement to those touched by this terrible disease.

The Comfort Package is an extension of the many ways Hanes contributes to breast cancer awareness. As a longtime supporter of breast cancer awareness, Hanes has made cash and in-kind donations totaling $1 million since 2009 and is donating up to $125,000 to NBCF this year.

It’s so important for us to help, any way we can.  You can help … don’t think twice!  Start NOW!

I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated in the post are my own.

“Bounce it Off Millions” Blog Posting @One2One Network Campaign

Is it hard for you to make a decision?  This or that?  More or less?  Well, worry no more because if you click on the “Bounce it Off Millions” app (from August 22, 2011 to September 17, 2011), on Facebook, you’ll get the help you need!!  That’s right; all you have to do is provide your question!  What will happen?  Your question will be made into a “poll question” and everyone will be able to vote what they believe your decision should be!  Cool, eh?

There’s four weeks of Bounce it Off Millions to celebrate!!

The fun doesn’t end there!  There will be 4 profoundly fortunate winners of  a grand prize … those with the most interesting polls!  Their questions may turn into a “Facebook advertisement” … you’ll definitely get the answer you’re looking for then!

Don’t waste a moment more!  Visit Bounce Facebook Page right now!!

You’ll also find a separate, special sweepstakes to enter.  You might win two Bounce Dryer Bars!!!  One is for you, and the other is for you to share.  (No, really, you’ll HAVE to share it!) 

What’s even better:  5,000 winners will be chosen!

How’s that for putting a Bounce into your step?!

Learn everything you’d ever need to know about our products at BounceEverywhere.com.

Disclosure:  I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated in the post are my own.

   URL To Note:


  1. Contest Timing: The Bounce It Off Millions Contest (the “Contest”) begins 10:00 a.m. ET on 8/22/2011 and ends at 5:00 p.m. ET on 9/19/2011 (the “Contest Period”).
  1. Eligibility: The Contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia or Canada (excluding Quebec) …
Please read rest of Contest Rules, by following the link.


Mat Kearney Album Review … a @One2One Network Campaign

Surprise!  I was selected to review Mat Kearney’s new CD, Young Love!  You did read my previous post about this One2One Campaign, right?

As I had mentioned…

Mat Kearney‘s third album, Young Love, hit stores last week debuting on the #1 spot on iTunes Album and Rock charts and is currently sitting at #5!

As I had stated, I had never really heard of Mat Kearney; however, after having heard the ‘Hey Mama’ track I was impressed.

Easy listening, happy, upbeat music can always be enjoyed!

My Review:

Lucky me; I didn’t have to wait for my CD copy to arrive, a friend had a copy and let me listen to it!  Mat’s Young Love album has 10 … 11 tracks (on his site he’ll throw in an 11th track), and is approximately 40 minutes in length.

I’m not sure how to explain exactly how well the tracks “flow”; however, I can say that Mat’s music is quite diverse!  If you like pop (sort of like a modern version of Counting Crows, than you’ll enjoy him).  Before going into detail, let’s start off by saying that Mat’s voice is very appealing, and even soothing.  He lends great, expressive vocals to the different styles of music throughout this album.  In the first track “Hey Mama”, I found it to be very happy, and upbeat … I love how he mixes clapping as the background beat!  Just as you are relaxed into this snappy tune, you are just as quickly plopped into rap, then guitar, then dance …….  eclectic, alternative, and certainly not boring!  Track 2 “Ships in the Night” is where Mat raps a little.  You’ll find rapid, guitar music in Track 6 “Learning to Love Again”.  Yet, still, in Track 8 “She Got The Honey” it’s all dance!  Track 10 “Rochester” ends the album in a slow and relaxed mood.

No single song stands out from the rest; but, overall I found the album to be worth the listen!  It is a lovely mix of sounds, flavours, beats, and moods … a lot like me; a little bit of everything!  I really enjoyed the album, and can’t wait to receive my copy so that I may listen to all the tracks again.  I’ll enjoy listening to the album over and over! 

I recommend that if you haven’t heard of Mat Kearney, get acquainted … you won’t have any regrets!

One2One Badges

Disclosure:  I have been selected to participate in this campaign.  As a member of One2One Network , I may be eligible for a prize drawing.  I will be receiving either a CD or a Digital Download of the Album.  All opinions stated in the post are my own.