The All-Important Mom Survival Kit With Help from @PlayOnCanada

Do you have a teenage daughter?  I do!  It can be infuriating, even though I love her.  You might want to consider putting together a Mom Survival Kit.  Why? It’s so that you can survive your daughter’s period (oh) along with your daughter.  Menstruating for the first time is terrifying (you remember, I’m sure), so it’s a good idea to have that unavoidable conversation with your daughter.  You both will feel better about the whole thing.

There are many myths and truths about the ‘dreaded’ period.  My favourite myth, and one I was brought up with as a truth, is “don’t bathe when you have your period” because it’s not good for you.  Why it wasn’t good for you I’ll never know because it was never explained to me.  I took showers anyway, much to my mom’s chagrin.

The new Playtex® Sport® Combo pack, which offers Playtex® Sport® Tampons along with the new Playtex® Sport® Pads or Playtex® Sport® Liners is ideal  for girls in the process of discovering what products best suit their needs. The Playtex Sport Combo pack gives your daughter the protection she needs – and you peace of mind knowing you’ve got her covered!

I love how these combo packs come because it allows your daughter to experiment and determine what she’s comfortable using.  In a way, it’s almost like a training stage so that she can determine what product is best for her flow … all in one box!  I like these combo packs for me because they offer me the variety of protection I need.


Be prepared for your daughter’s first period.  Create your kit with items such as:

  • Mom Survival Guide
  • Verve Girl Magazine
  • Hot Water Bottle
  • Revlon Nail Polish
  • Chocolate
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • PlayOn T-shirt

Some important points:

  • The contents of this ‘mom survival kit’ are exclusive to me and are not being sold; however, you can create a kit similar to this for your own daughter(s)
  • You should visit the website –
  • Connect with Playtex:   Twitter handle and Instagram account
  • NOTE:  There is a contest running for teens!  So, Moms, don’t forget to share this information with them.  The contest starts on Monday, May 11th …

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