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Dyson V7 Slim Cordless Stick Vacuum ~ Where Have You Been All My Life? 

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Several days ago I received the Dyson V7 Slim Cord-free Vacuum; to review, free of charge from The Home Tester Club.  I had been eagerly awaiting its arrival since I had received confirmation that I had been selected for the opportunity!  Upon opening the box to reveal its content, I reviewed its contents and then plugged in the Nickel Cobalt Manganese Battery Pack to fully charge … it arrives approximately 20% charged.  I have been testing it around the house ever since.

While I can’t say this vacuum is specifically right for you, I can say; however, that it is absolutely perfect for me!  With all of my health issues (degenerative disc disease, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc) that I have, trust me when I say that normal day-to-day movements are painful and I normally need assistance to complete tasks.  If there isn’t anyone around to help me I have to push forward and do it by myself even if it causes me great pain.  In order to cope, I take many mini rest breaks.

As most of my social media followers know, I have cats … five of them actually!  Five cats mean a lot of fur EVERYWHERE.  I’ve gone through a handful of vacuums and I have issues with each of them; some minor and some major but issues nonetheless.  The ones that are powerful and can handle sucking up the amount of cat hair that accumulates each day are too heavy for me to carry around, and can’t fit under sofas or other furniture.  The ones that are light enough for me to carry around don’t have enough power to suck up all of the hair, and its’ charge doesn’t last.  With either option I find that I have to use other cleaning tools to finish the job.

I’m thoroughly impressed at what the 2.3 kg Dyson V7 Slim Cordless Vacuum can do and I’d like to share my findings with you.  So sit back and read on.

Even though the Dyson V7 Slim is so lightweight, it is a powerful vacuum.  In fact, it’s far more powerful than I had originally anticipated.  The fact that the V7 is lightweight makes it easy to carry.  The V7 turns from one side to another effortlessly because of its ball, and while it is powerful it isn’t too noisy!  Would you believe me if I said my cats don’t even flinch as I walk by them while vacuuming?  It’s true!  My life has been transformed since testing the Dyson V7 Slim.  I am looking forward to vacuuming more often.

I love how a full charge gives me 30 minutes of solid suction power.  From hardwood floors, to ceramic and even carpets … I don’t even have to change attachments.  If there is ever an area that needs a little extra suction the V7 has it to give with the MAX mode that gives an extra 6 minutes of extra power!  Spot cleaning and quick clean ups are effortless too because with a quick snap the cord-free vacuum can convert to a handheld! The attachments can be used either way, and cleaning is worry free because you can vacuum whether you point upwards (walls, drapes, corners), or downwards (on floors, and stairs).

Once the cleaning fest is complete all that’s left to do is to clean out the dirt canister.  This step is easy; all you need to do is to point the canister over a garbage bin and pull on the dirt ejector … your hands don’t need to touch the dirt!  You don’t need to do anything more except wash and dry the dirt canister every so often.  That’s it!!

The Dyson V7 even comes with Docking Station so that you can store and charge the vacuum.  You’ll always be ready for a clean up.  It’s convenience in a snap!

In spite of the long list of pros, there are a couple of cons too:

(1) It is a little pricey

(2) You have to keep holding the power button

I would like to be able to lock the power button to an ‘ON’ position rather than having to hold it the whole time that it’s running.  If you recall when you fill your car up with gas?  You either can pump it by holding the lever down the whole time, or you can hold the lever down and lock it so that you no longer have to hold it while you’re filling the tank.  I would change the Dyson V7 Slim so that it would be similar.  This solution would make it even easier for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

I highly recommend the Dyson V7 Slim Cordless Stick Vacuum.  I’m so happy that I was given this opportunity!  Thank you Home Tester Club!