MyBitsandBleeps Wishes You a Very Happy Thanksgiving! Monday Mumblings – October 13, 2014

My Bits and Bleeps wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Today is a day of reflection; a day to reflect and be thankful for all that we have.

I’m very thankful for my daughter, my partner, and (of course) our health.  I am grateful that I still have my mother … she’s not well but she is being cared for in the hospital.

Today’s note is a simple one: enjoy life while you have it, and be grateful for all that has been granted to you.

Tuesday Talk – July 1, 2014 – Happy Canada Day!

Today is a very special day; it’s Canada’s birthday!  I’m sure you’re busy enjoying the day with family and friends.  Perhaps you’re preparing a BBQ?  That’s what we’ll be doing!


I wanted to make sure I took a quick break from my day to wish you a very Happy Canada Day!  Enjoy the day, and remember to be grateful for our peace, and our freedom.

Time for a Women’s Costume

You’re probably curious as to why it’s “Time for one of the many Women’s Costumes“?  Believe it, or not, even though it’s summer it’s actually a great time to start planning what you will be wearing for Halloween.  Quite frankly, my 16 year old daughter is ready to move onward and upward!  Gone are the ‘little fairy princess’ type costumes; we’re ready to try out a more mature costume!

We looked at several but one stood out the most.  It might have been something to do with my daughter’s history class?  They were studying the 1920’s and World War I so a flapper was really á propos!

Flapper   Flapper comes with

I have to admit, at first glance, it might look a little inappropriate for a 16 year old.  However; once it arrived, I realized how cute it really is!  The quality (for a costume) is really there.  You can see how the sequins really shimmers and that it isn’t poor workmanship at all.

Flapper up close

Once my daughter put it on, we started to really get into the 20’s feel!  My daughter tested the costume out … she danced the roaring 20’s style, and then cha cha-ed  to her heart’s content!  She’s ready to party like Gatsby!  The fringe is great, and really illustrates the style of that era!

You can see it on YouTube too:

Here’s a still shot …

Flapper dancing

Front and back view too …

Flapper front view  Flapper back view

We’ll have to get the accessories to complete the entire look and really play ‘the part’; which means, we’ll be on the lookout for long black gloves, a headpiece, and maybe even a long cigarette holder!  I don’t really know how I feel about the garter but when push comes to shove it really does “round it all out”!  So this costume looks good, feels good, and fits exactly what we were looking for.

Have you started looking for your Halloween costume?

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