Cystic / Uterine Fibroids 

I have discovered that I have uterine fibroids. Just what are uterine fibroids? Uterine fibroids are benign growths that are stimulated by estrogen. They can cause pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, anaemia and bladder problems. It can be confusing to diagnose; at first, because symptoms are so similar to that of periomenopause. Funny enough, this explains much of what I’ve been experiencing. 
Fibroids can shrink, and you can improve the situation with plenty of exercise; however, in advance cases surgical removal is the best solution.
The cause of these fibroids/tumours/or cysts is unknown; however, what is alarming is the range of size. The range in size can be from 1 mm to more than 20 cm in diameter. Facing a possible hysterectomy is an invasive thought (and procedure)!  

I don’t want to get ahead of myself; I should wait to see my doctor so that we can discuss the results of my ultrasound. So far all I know is that I have many of these “cysts”.

Here’s a recipe that I came across online. It may help with some symptoms … or not!

Longevity Drink:

(You can make up a batch and freeze in ice cube trays. To use: take one cube and use in warm water twice daily)

7 lemons

4 cups turmeric root

4 habanero peppers