You’re Invited to My Bits and Bleeps’ PINK Espresso eParty™!!! – July 6th to July 20th , 2011

I agree with PINK Espresso … hosting a PINK Espresso eParty™ is simple to do, easy to plan, affordable and NO spilled wine on my carpet – Online convienance at work!

Fun, Fast, Easy and Conveniant!
Let’s face it, home parties are a lot of work – there’s the planning, the cleaning, the cooking and then, to top it off – the clean up when it’s over. For my guests it can mean driving (or sitting) in traffic or bad weather and sometimes just finding time in our busy schedules can be enough of a challenge.

These are just a few reasons why I planned to host My Bits and Bleeps’ PINK Espresso eParty™.  The BEST reason to host this eParty is, my Invitees receive an immediate 15% discount with Hostess code!

How awesome is that??  Not only can you purchase fabulous jewellery and fantastic prices; now you can purchase them with a 15% discount on top!!!  If you have plans to purchase Pink Espresso jewellery, NOW would be the time to do it!!!!

Here is my exclusive promo code for my readers, family + friends and followers:

Coupon Code:       BitsnBleeps15

Discount:    15% OFF on your next online purchase

Valid from:    today, July 6th to July 20th , 2011


Online Store:       Service:

Disclosure:  By hosting a PINK Espresso Xpress eParty™, it is possible that I may earn a FREE PINK Espresso eGiftCard, and/or FREE and half-price jewellery!   PINK Espresso has not financially compensated me in any way.  I am not obliged to give a positive review.  My opinion is that of my own.