MyBitsandBleeps Celebrates #CanadaDay #Canada150

Happy Birthday Canada! ūüá®ūüá¶

150 years young, and you’re going strong! ¬†I love being Canadian, and have always been proud to share that fact any time, any where, and to anyone.¬†IMG_1538Originally known as Dominion Day, after the Canada Act in 1982, the celebration was renamed Canada Day. ¬†I remember it well. ¬†I remember all the changes that took place since, and all the debates, like wether or not we should continue pledging allegiance to the Queen. ¬†There were disagreements between friends and many discussions in classes across Canada (I’m sure). ¬† In 1982 I started grade 9; while it’s only been 35 years it feels like much more time has passed. ¬†A lot has changed and yet a lot has stayed the same. ¬†It sounds confusing but that’s not my intention. ¬†Compared to most countries Canada is still very young. ¬†There’s many ways in which Canada can make mistakes while “growing up”; however, Canada Day is a day in which we celebrate all of the good things Canada has done.

This July 1st, we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. ¬†It’s going to be a BIG celebration, and I’ll be celebrating in the capital. ¬†My family (from BC) will be joining me and my daughter in Ottawa. ¬†What better way to celebrate this milestone? ¬†I can’t foresee the size of the crowds, or how dangerous it may be. ¬†I will be on high alert.

With all that’s happening around the world, I pray that we all remain safe. ¬†Friends, enjoy the festivities, have fun, and wish Canada a fabulous birthday but in large crowds/gatherings please stay vigilant and please report anything you find suspicious.