Back to School CeraVe Essentials #BTS #ad

Getting ready for the back to school season has been hectic, but it doesn’t end the moment school begins.  You have to be ready always.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

CeraVe® can help your kid(s), and you, put your best face forward every day.  CeraVe® Canada has a skincare regimen that is right for your skin and/or skin condition.  The CeraVe® skincare line offers formulations that are moisturizing, hydrating, and very affordable.  Visit CeraVe .ca for more information.“CeraVe® products are non- irritating, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.”  This is important for my family … my daughter has eczema, and I have dermatitis.  Since using CeraVe® , I’ve noticed how much softer my skin is; especially on my fingertips which is where my dermatitis acts up.

Although CeraVe® Skincare line has won many beauty industry awards, I just care that it works … and it does!  Their skincare line is beautiful.

CeraVe® Cleansers, Moisturizing Lotions, and CeraVe® Bébé … because your skin is important, isn’t it worth trying?  That’s exactly the question I asked myself!  I mean, there are so many products out there.  That’s the truth.  While one product is good for one person, it might not be right for another.  Since eczema and dermatitis has always been an ongoing issue for us, over the years I have had to try many products.  Coming across CeraVe® has changed the condition of our skin for the better.  If you have a similar skin condition then it is definitely beneficial for you to try it for yourself.

Until March 31, 2017 you can save yourself $2.00 by using this coupon.

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Giant Tiger Can Meet Your College Dorm Needs #ad #GTBack2School #BTS

Can you believe that a week has gone by since school has started? I’m still amazed at the thought of my daughter going to College, let alone to actually finish it.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

You see, deciding to go wasn’t an easy process at all. If it weren’t for me pushing her she probably wouldn’t even be there. My daughter’s self esteem and confidence in herself is low; she didn’t believe that she was ‘smart enough’ to go. Fortunately; in my opinion, it’s not about how smart you are. I think it’s more about how dedicated you are. In spite of the struggle with the decision to pursue higher education, my daughter seems to be enjoying it thus far.

Since I wasn’t sure if I could convince my daughter to go to school, applying for residency (dorm room) wasn’t an option. Even though my daughter didn’t move into a dorm room, we still had to make some changes to her room. Making her room more comfortable to study in and more comfortable to sleep in became the most important thing to focus on … and still is.

While I wasn’t prepared to change her entire room, I did let her pick what was the most important thing to her. What she wanted most was a new look, and one that was age-appropriate. Once again, we took a trip to our reliable Giant Tiger store and I told my daughter to pick out what she wanted for her bedroom. It always feels great to be able to freely say “pick out whatever you want” and to not feel overly concerned with prices. At Giant Tiger I know I’m getting what I want at a great price.My daughter picked out a bed-in-a-bag type of bedding. The set includes a comforter, sheets, pillowcases, and pillow shams. That was all it took to make her happy. I insisted we take a separate sheet set so as to further change-up ‘the look’ of her room, so we found a fun print to take home with us. The truth was I wanted a set of sheets on her bed while the other is in the laundry. You know how teenagers get! Try and get them out of bed and see!That’s her in there!  Seriously; she’s in there.

Of course, we can’t overlook essentials like: binders, pens, highlighters, and  sticky notes!  Giant Tiger even has student desks (we already had one or I would have purchased one there), bookcases, and even area rugs!  I get excited during each of my shopping excursions at Giant Tiger, and always bring home more than I had originally planned on purchasing.

While on the subject of essentials, snacks are definitely required!My daughter’s room is lovingly referred to as a work in progress. We’ll continue to visit Giant Tiger to look for more ways to personalize her room.  Maybe I’ll see you there?  What I know for certain is that we’re going to do everything possible to get my baby girl into a dorm room of her own.  It’ll be great for her.  It’ll be good for me.  It’ll give us more reasons to visit Giant Tiger.

Have you visited your local Giant Tiger yet?   What did you get?

Giant Tiger College Shopping #BTS #ad #GTBack2School

Parents everywhere are thrilled that their kids are back to school; well most of them.  Going back to school shopping can be an expensive nightmare but it doesn’t have to be … I love saving as much as possible!

 Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Lower income or not, single-parent or not, why wouldn’t you want to spend less?  While I love to be able to get more for my money, I do like to purchase good, quality items.  How?  It’s simple; I visit my local Giant Tiger.  [find out here your local store is] Giant Tiger meets our lifestyle needs.  If you’ve been to Giant Tiger years ago but not so much in the past few years, you’ll be surprised at how it’s changed.  Giant Tiger focused on changing in the areas that it needed to:  more stores (especially in the big cities), reduced clutter in the aisles, wider aisles for easier access, and quality throughout.  Giant Tiger kept what it needed to keep:  savings, small-store feel (which means warm welcome), and a little of everything you need.

I recently took my daughter on a back-to-school shopping trip to Giant Tiger.  Not only is she going back to school, she’s actually off to College for the first time.  You may have seen video/pictures that I shared on social media?  Even though we can find some amazing deals, I still gave my daughter a budget of $100 for clothing.  She may have gone a little over the budget, I just couldn’t resist her face as it lit up!  She especially loved all of the cardigans; she couldn’t get enough!  I think we purchased 4 of them.  Or was it 5?

Giant Tiger has been around since 1961 and I have been a GT customer since 1980.  I can tell you how much I have loved shopping at Giant Tiger, and how much I still do, but I think it best you find out for yourself why.  I think you’ll be surprised with the quality and the price.

HINT:  If you join the GT email club, you’ll receive a $5 off coupon too!

These brands are only a few of what you’ll find at Giant Tiger:

  • lily morgan
  • mySTYLE
  • ACX Active

… these brands offer a great selection for my daughter to pick from.  She’s quite particular and she was impressed with her selections!  Now, as an adult, she appreciates giant savings and is already saying “Mom, take me to Giant Tiger again, there are several items that I didn’t buy but I should have.”  Next time around I’ll remind her that she has a part-time job and can chip into her shopping fund.

What did you think of our shopping trip?

HEY!  Did you know that you can shop GT Online?  Yes, you can.  Shop online and then pick it up at the store for free ship-to-store shipping.  You’ll find online exclusives that’ll give you greater savings.  Give it a try.

 One last bit of information about our shopping trip … my daughter hasn’t taken the denim jacket off since we purchased it.  Keep it under your hats moms.