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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has one amazing comedic team:  Amy Shumer and Goldie Hawn!  If you haven’t seen this summer’s not-to-be-missed comedy ‘Snatched’ then now is the time to pick it up on Digital HD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

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On August 10th I was invited to attend a Cocktails n’ Canvas Event specifically set up to celebrate the release of SNATCHED in the various take home formats.IMG_2383The evening was a wonderful experience for me … it was actually a first for me.  Considering I often goof up a straight line with a ruler, I didn’t think I’d be able to paint anything.  I was impressed with the end result and think I didn’t do too badly either.

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About Snatched:  After her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their exotic vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton (Shumer) persuades her ultra-cautious mom, Linda (Hawn), to travel with her to paradise.  When the trip takes an unexpected turn, the polar opposite mother/daughter duo realize they must settle their differences and work together to escape the outrageous jungle adventure they’ve fallen into.  Schemer and Hawn are a “dream team not to be missed!” – Mark S. Allen, ABC TV

Tackle Food Stains With OxiClean™ #ChurchAndDwight #ad

My family is like a yo-yo.  Sometimes they like sweets and sometimes they don’t.  I; on the other hand, have a sweet tooth that just doesn’t quit.  Although I am particular about which desserts I want to gobble up, if I am facing one of my favourite desserts you might as well step aside.  You might even want to come back to me at a later time.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Come on, who doesn’t get weak at the sight of their favourite dessert?  I know I can’t resist:  pecan pie, ice cream, crème brulee, cookies, and the list goes on!  I’m not ashamed to admit it either; at least I have good taste.

Summer is the perfect time of year for ice cream … the only downfall is the heat.  If you don’t eat your ice cream fast enough it’ll end up melting.  That’s exactly when messes occur.  It’s not the mess that I mind; per se.  What I do mind is having; for example, the ice cream melt and dripping all over my clothes, and then me looking sloppy.  Even if that does happen, I don’t worry about getting the stains out!  Why, you ask?There’s a simple solution.  Try OxiClean™ Pre-treat and in-wash stain fighters (White Revive™, Colour Shield, MaxForce™ Foam and MaxForce™ Spray) and you’ll find that you’ll get results!

Do you want something that will get tough stains out the first time, something that is chlorine bleach free, and works in all machines (including HE)?  OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder has been getting out tough stains around the home for years. OxiClean™ White Revive™ laundry stain removal is specially formulated with Wow White Technology™ that maintains whites to help keep them looking like new for longer. OxiClean™ White Revive™ targets tough stains and revives dingy whites when used as a pre-soak.

For 50% more brightening power versus leading value detergent alone, you can try pre-soaking (for best results) with OxiClean™ Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover.  By combining tough stain fighters with colour safe brighteners, it helps keep your colours looking new and radiant longer!

To spot-treat a stain, I like using OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Spray because it combines five types of stain fighters to remove your toughest dried-in stains, including:

o Grass and blood

o Grease and oil

o Food stains

o Drink stains

o Soil and clay

It basically means that you can treat the stain now, and then wash it later when you can.

For powerful action from a pre-treater try the new OxiClean™ Max Force™ Foam Laundry Pre-Treater; it blasts away even the greasiest of stains the first time with its foaming action.  It’s simple to use.  Pump the supercharged foam directly onto the stain and gently rub into fabric.  Depending on the stain, let it sit from 5 minutes up to a week. Then wash with detergent in the warmest water the fabric will accept.

So whether your stains are caused by sticky BBQ ribs, buttery lobster tails or (in my case) sweet syrupy desserts I’ve listed several solutions for you to try!  I’m positive you’ll love the results!

If you’ve tried any (or all) of these products come back here and give me your opinion.  I really want to know!

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WTF? #MysteryChallenge #Kellogger #ad

WTF?  What’s the flavour?  I know what my guess is!

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Do you enjoy sleuthing? Many do; it’s fun, challenging, and even exciting!  Trying to guess the mystery Pringles flavour isn’t easy … you can find clues [for example via @PringlesCA on Twitter] but that might not make it easier for you.  At my house, we’ve sampled from the mysterious Pringles can, debated, guessed, and argued.   I won’t tell you what my guess is but mmmm mmmm it is good!Pringles is bringing the thrill of mystery from entertainment to “eat-ertainment” with the introduction of Pringles Mystery Flavour Chips and the Pringles #MysteryChallenge. Pringles Mystery Flavour Chips fire up the flavour fun with a delicious top-secret taste that is available in specially-marked cans for a limited time only. Canadians are invited to put their tastebuds to the test and try to identify the new Pringles flavour before the contest ends on December 31, 2017. All super sleuths who guess the correct flavour will have the chance to win $10,000!

How to Enter the Pringles #MysteryChallenge
· Try Pringles Mystery Flavour Chips for yourself
· Follow Pringles on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest breaking clues. Pringles will be posting a new flavour clue each week from July 2 to August 21.
· Post your guess in the clue comments on Facebook using #MysteryChallenge. For Twitter, become a follower of @PringlesCA, share your guess using #MysteryChallenge, and tag @PringlesCA. You can guess as many times as you want (up to a maximum of one time per day), so keep tasting and trying.
· Full contest details can be found at