What is wrong with Franklin on TikTok baby?

What condition does baby Franklin have?

Elliott was born May 30 with a rare genetic disorder called rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata, or RCDP. It’s a painful, terminal form of dwarfism that affects fewer than 1 in 100,000 babies worldwide.

What disorder does Franklin from TikTok have?

KBG Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that can affect both males and females.

Who is Franklin baby on TikTok?

A baby boy’s sweet TikTok videos are bringing smiles to the millions who are watching. A mom named Bailey of Dakota, Illinois, began posting footage of her 11-month-old son, Franklin, on the video sharing app. The first video showing Franklin inside a spaghetti pot garnered 4.2 million hits.

Where does Franklin’s baby live?

Ten-month-old Franklin from the small town of Dakota quickly became one of the app’s most famous babies. “I started doing daily doses of Franklin and I would upload videos every morning just doing whatever he would be doing in the morning.” Bailey posts up to six videos of Franklin, Lincoln and Grant every single day.

What is the baby on TikTok?

Who is the viral TikTok dancing baby? The baby who has captured the internet’s attention is one year old Laine. Her mum Nikki Johnston is responsible for catapulting her daughter into viral fame.

How old is Trevor?

Trevor Phillips

Hunter minton
Age 37 (2004), 46 (2013)
Born November 14, 1967
Birthplace USA (Border with Canada)
Relatives Mrs. Philips (Mother) Ryan Philips (Brother; Deceased)
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