What is a Christmas baby?

Advertisement. In other words, being a Christmas baby means you really can do whatever you want on your birthday. Many employers dismiss people early on Christmas Eve, or don’t ask them to come in at all, and nearly everyone gets Christmas itself off from work. (Even Ebenezer Scrooge gave Bob Cratchit the day off.

What is considered a Christmas baby?

Whatever you call Christmas babies – those born on Christmas Day or a few days before or after – just call them. People born around December 25 routinely get overlooked amid the holiday chaos.

How do you handle a Christmas baby?

How To Handle Your Christmas Baby’s Birthday (According To A Christmas Baby)

  1. Do: Get A Separate Birthday Present. …
  2. Do: Get Pumped For Their Birthday Ahead Of Time. …
  3. Do: Consider Half-Birthday Parties. …
  4. Do: Try To Have A Birthday Cake If The Family Can’t Get Together For Both Christmas *And* Your Child’s Birthday.

Is having a December baby bad?

Babies born the last month of the year are more likely to live the longest. The Journal of Aging Research said a German study found that the December-born have a “significantly higher risk of surviving up to age 105-plus compared to the June-born.”

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Are Christmas babies special?

December babies are the least likely to suffer from major disease. Some research indicates that babies born in December have the greatest chance of avoiding major diseases such as neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and reproductive diseases.

What is a December baby called?

They are either Sagittarius or Capricorn. Those born through December 21 are Sagittarius, while those born after December 22 are Capricorns. Sagittarians are known to be extremely generous, idealistic, and downright hilarious.

What is the rarest birthday month?

According to the CDC, February is the least common birth month. That’s also logical, seeing as nine months prior is May which marks longer, sunnier days, warmer temperatures and usually more outside activity.

Are December babies smart?

December babies are usually the smartest in their class

While they are often one of the youngest in the class, studies show that often younger people in the classroom are smarter than the oldest!

How do people born in December celebrate?

Do’s and Don’t’s of December Birthdays

  1. DO separate the birthday from Christmas as much as possible. …
  2. DO go for an experience instead of a birthday party. …
  3. DO give an experiential gift instead of more toy clutter. …
  4. DO take her to the toy store. …
  5. DO turn the tree into a birthday extravaganza.

What are the best Christmas traditions?

Here are our favorite ideas for Christmas traditions that you can make your own.

  • Dress up your pet. PATRYK_KOSMIDER/GETTY IMAGES. …
  • Make homemade hot chocolate. …
  • Go caroling. …
  • Build a snow person. …
  • Host an open house. …
  • Watch a tree lighting. …
  • Decorate with live plants.
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Is being born in December rare?

It might be a celebratory distraction to be born on a big holiday, like Christmas, but the truth is it’s very rare to be born on Dec. 25, which makes those birthdays pretty special. In fact, Christmas Day is the least likely day of the year to be born, ranking at 366th with just over 6,500 births on average.

What are January born called?

They are either Capricorn or Aquarius. People born before January 20 are Capricorns, while people born toward the end of January have the sign of Aquarius. Capricorns are said to be very independent, disciplined, and organized, often making strong leaders.

What are August babies?

August babies are born with so many leadership traits like boldness, charisma, and loyalty that it’s no wonder they make great trailblazers. They’re also prime presidential material, apparently! A few presidential August babies include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Lyndon B.

Why is December so special?

December often marks the beginning of rain, snow, and cold weather. In the United States the month is associated with Christmas. … A lot of people have days off around Christmas and before New Year’s Eve. December in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to June in the Southern Hemisphere.

What are January babies?

January Babies’ Horoscope Sign Is Capricorn or Aquarius

January babies who make their debut January 20th or later will fall under Aquarius, a sign believed to be intelligent, quirky, and independent.

Are December babies lucky?

But according to science, being a December baby also has its perks. Many studies have found that those born on the 12th month are more likely to be healthier and athletic, and even end up in high-paid jobs. Here are seven examples of December babies being luckier than they might think.

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