What is a sleepyhead baby?

A portable sleeping pod/ mattress suitable for newborns from birth and up to 8 months, depending on how fast your baby grows. (They also do a sleepyhead Grande for when they grows out of Deluxe+).

Can a baby sleep in a sleepyhead?

Absolutely not. Whilst a natural part of child development is learning to roll over, until about 8 months old, your little one should be placed to sleep on their back. The Sleepyhead Baby Pod is available to buy to help babies snooze safely, not to stop your child from rolling.

What is the point of a sleepyhead?


Sleepyhead is the ideal spot to let your little one get their tummy time in. The rounded bumper helps to prop up your baby when placed under their arms. Tummy time helps babies develop neck strength and helps teach them how to develop their motor skills.

Do sleepyheads cause SIDS?

Some sleep pods and nests, such as Sleepyhead, are made of breathable and permeable materials. However, we’ve not found SIDS research that’s been carried out on these materials.

Is Sleepyhead safe at night?

“Sleepyhead is safe to use for overnight sleep as long as it is used in a child safe and supervised environment. Numerous happy parents use our products every day. Our products are designed with safety in mind and have undergone extensive testing and even comply with voluntary standards.

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Can you put a Sleepyhead in a Chicco next to me?

I’d heard of a lot of people using the Sleepyhead pod inside the Next to Me, and after reading reviews on both we decided to do the same. The crib is quite big on it’s own, and would probably have been huge for a newborn to lie in so the Sleepyhead makes it more snug and secure for a tiny baby.

What age is sleepyhead grand for?

Age suitable for: 8-36 months.

Does Sleepyhead fit in Moses basket?

Does the Sleepyhead fit in a Moses Basket? So, we didn’t buy the Sleepyhead to actually go into a Moses basket. But if you were considering it for that reason, the answer is no. It couldn’t fit in.

Does sleepyhead comply with British standards?

“Sleepyhead is a multi-functional baby and child product. … Our product also passes the British Standard for air flow through infant pillows, BS 4578, that was published in 1970 and confirmed in 2013.

Are Snuzpods safe?

For the very safest experience for both you and baby when using your SnuzPod, we recommend the following: Never under ANY circumstances carry or move your SnuzPod or SnuzPod bassinet while your baby is inside.

Is sleepyhead the same as DockATot?

It is with great excitement that we usher in a new chapter and Sleepyhead adopts the name of our sister brand, DockATot. Embracing a singular brand name will bring together our loyal community of parents and caregivers.

Can you swaddle in a sleepyhead?

By slipping the Sleepyhead in as an insert, the baby feels snug and safe. … It has been said that not only is it safer to swaddle but a newborn baby will sleep better and sleep longer if you put them to sleep while swaddled.

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How do I stop sleepyhead?

How to stop using a sleep pod or nest

  1. If your nest has an inner tube, take it out and put it under your baby’s sheet, or roll a towel into a sausage shape and put that under the sheet. …
  2. The next night move the sausage shape further out so that baby has a bit more space. …
  3. Remove the sausage!

What is a sleepyhead Deluxe?

Hailed as the ultimate docking station for your baby, the Sleepyhead Deluxe at Direct4Baby is suitable for babies aged 0-9 months. Much like the Grand, it’s a multifunctional pod that can be used for resting, nappy changing and supervised sleeping.