How do you make a baby milestone block?

How do you use baby milestone cards?

The best time is in the middle of the day when sunlight is at its peak. Be creative – Use props to make your milestone photos unique and to make them stand out. Camera angle – it is best to take the shots from directly above your baby so that you can see all of the baby and the card in proportion.

What can 1 month baby do?

At 1 month, most of what babies do is still caused by reflexes. They aren’t thinking about their actions. They will be sucking, swallowing, searching for milk and grasping an object if you put it in the palm of their hand (although most of the time they’ll keep their hands clenched in tight little fists).

When should you do milestone pictures?

Often called milestone sessions, family photographers often recommend scheduling these sessions as a newborn (7-14 days old), at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and then one year. Because every child is different and will reach milestones in their own time, I like to look at these photography sessions based on your baby.

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