How do I zoom in on my Motorola baby monitor?

How do I adjust the camera on my Motorola baby monitor?

Place the baby unit in a convenient location (e.g. on a table) and point the camera lens towards the area you want to monitor. Adjust the baby unit’s head angle by rotating the camera up, down, left and right until you are satisfied with the image in the parent unit.

Is there an app for Motorola baby monitor?

You can download the app onto the mobile device from the Android Play Store. Go to the App Store to search for “Hubble for Motorola Monitors”. Then, install the app on your mobile device.

Can you add camera to Motorola baby monitor?

Keep an eye on more with the additional camera for the Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor. The MBP36 parent unit can be paired with up to 4 cameras, so you can be sure you don’t miss a thing.

Where is the pair button on Motorola baby monitor?

Press and hold the PAIR button on the underside of the Baby Unit until the Parent Unit finds the camera, beeps and PAIR OK appears on the screen.

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What is Motorola Connect app?

Motorola Connect is an app to integrate all of your Motorola devices in one application. … Another interesting tool is the ability to sync your Motorola Keylink or Power Pack. With these devices, you can use your Android device to easily find your keys or your mobile phone itself.

Can I link my baby monitor to my phone?

Cloud Baby Monitor is an app that turns your Apple and Android devices into a reliable and easy to use video baby monitor. One device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, or a Mac) – the baby unit – is left with your baby to capture the video and audio.

How do I turn on the sound on my Motorola baby monitor?

To adjust volume, press the + UP or – DOWN button when the Parent Unit is in camera viewing mode. The Parent Unit has 8 brightness levels. To adjust brightness, press the RIGHT button when the Parent Unit is in camera viewing mode.

How do I get night vision on my Motorola baby monitor?

Shine the flashlight directly into the camera lens for 30 to 45 seconds. After this time has passed, remove the light from the eye of the camera. Allow the camera a few seconds to readjust and then check the video on the monitor. The night vision issue should be resolved.

What does LL mean on Motorola baby monitor?

It means the temperature is too low (LL), or too high (HH).

How do I reset my good baby monitor?

Press the reset key at the back of Parent unit. Restart the baby unit (plug out the adapter then plug it into the socket again). Press the reset key at the back of parent unit (hide behind the stand).

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What does the blue light mean on Motorola baby monitor?

When you have background monitoring activated in the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app. In that case the blue LED continues to blink (and is alternated with the red led).