The Big Feastival Canada is Here! #BigFeastivalCA #ad

Food, music, and children’s entertainment … all in a weekend festival about an hour away from Toronto.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?!  It’s happening this weekend!

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Well, this Torontonian has never heard of the Big Feastival until recently.  Since I’ve pretty much experienced a lot of what Toronto has to offer in the summer, I have sometimes ventured an hour or two away just to experience other things.  This weekend I was invited to go to the Big Feastival; how could I say no?IMG_2453When and Where?
Friday, August 18, from 3:00pm – 11:00pm
Saturday, August 19, from 10:00am – 1:00am
Sunday, August 20, from 10:00am – 11:00pm

BE FOREWARNED:  Don’t rely on that cash in your wallet!  In my opinion, the Big Feastival has an unique way to handle payment …

Tap & Pay On-site
From fantastic food and bubbly beverages, to artisanal products of all kinds, feastival-goers can conveniently pay for all on-site purchases using a credit or debit card. All major tap and pay/chip and pin credit cards and debit cards will be accepted.

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*Please note cash transactions will not be accepted on-site at The Big Feastival Canada.

If you plan on attending, here’s what the Big Feastival suggests you pack:IMG_2454Tomorrow, I pan on seeing, tasting, and hearing everything first hand.  It’ll be a party for all the senses and all the ages..  Want to tag along?  Follow me on social media, or anyone really, just as long as they’re using hashtag #BigFeastivalCA

Better yet, take a drive and visit The Big Feastival!


Looking forward to a family getaway over the Holidays? Use These Tips … #PGMom

Trips may be fun, but packing can be another story – especially with teens! So the next time you plan a trip, ease your stress and let your teens pack their own bags. To teach them how to become smart packers (and make sure you never get blamed for leaving behind their favourite sweater), show them these simple tips.

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As you know, I have a teen!  We have travelled together and packing isn’t always fun; however, over the years I have learned how to make it less stressful.  I know how anxious my daughter is so I have learned to pull away and let her do “her thing”.  She needs to pack very early on … too early for me!  Actually, both my partner and daughter are very alike in this respect.  In order to maintain the peace, they both pack early while I pack one or two days before going on vacation.

There is one packing tip that I’d like to suggest; as it works for me:

sample sizes

Take Sample-Sized Product:  it’s a good idea to pack sample-sized products to use while travelling.  You can use the product and once it’s used up, you can throw away the empty package and then you don’t have to bring it back home.  Whatever samples I don’t use, I just leave behind for the next traveller to use.

Do you have any travel tips?

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