The Truth About Blogging

Blogging takes a lot of time, effort and can be extremely frustrating.  I don’t think many realize that blogging is work.  It can be fun, it can be exciting, and it can be lucrative; however, the blogger has to give up a lot of themselves in order to achieve their goals.  Even when they are successful it comes with a price.

If you’ve noticed, lately I haven’t been ‘blogging with intent’ as much as I have in the past.  The several programs that I once was a part of, all came to a close.  Coincidentally, they all came to a close at around the same time!  That meant that a huge chunk of my potentially ‘sponsored’ posts disappeared.  One huge program that I was a part of for several years (from beginning to end), came to its finale.  The Brand P&G actually decided that it no longer was feasible to maintain its Canadian PGMom program.   Other programs came to an end; but were transferred over to other Social Media Groups … that means that the programs may or may not become active again.  In turn, that means that I am left unsure as to what may come.

The reality of it is, most Brands change the Media Groups they work with often.  I prefer not to get into details, and to keep this whole topic light.  My intent is just to explain what is going on, in regards to my absence from blogging.

So you’re probably thinking “where does this leave us?” … I’m actually thinking the same thing.  I’m not the only blogger thinking this either.  Many bloggers are currently wondering what their next step will be.  I’m hoping that things will pick up and that I become just as active as I once was.  Until then please know that I have been focussing on my health.

Thank you for your continued support.  I’m wishing you much health, love, and happiness.  ((hugs))


Still Blogging After All Those Years

Since I first started this blog, I have written over 4100 posts!  Give or take a few.  If I stop to think about it I wonder how I found so much to say?  Well, over 7 years later and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the journey.  I’ll admit that it has been challenging at times; especially when I have been faced with personal challenges (like illnesses, and deaths).  There were moments that I thought about putting an end to blogging, while other moments I considered doing this completely full time.  I aimed for a happy medium instead.

Throughout the years I have changed focus, rebranded, and even dropped regular posts completely!  Throughout it all I tried to maintain my transparency and my commitment to you (my readers).  I have to say, I was disappointed when my numbers dropped.  That usually happens when bloggers don’t have giveaways.  It’s sad but it’s true!  These past two years; specifically, there were moments when I even struggled to get out of bed.  I felt ill, alone, and completely defeated.

I’d like to say that I’m 100% back to my normal self and that everything will go back to the way it was two or three years ago … but that isn’t realistic.  What I can say is that I will try to do my best; but, I won’t go back to posting so many regular, daily posts.  I am not well enough to keep up the pace I once kept.  How does that sound to you?

Can I count on your continued support?  On your regular comments, shares, and visits?

Leave me a comment below, and let me know your thoughts.  As always, I appreciate each and every comment you leave me.