It’s Important to Stay Connected #StreamTeam #ad

It’s so important to stay connected with your kids.  My daughter is 19 and I try to stay connected always … always have.  It’s great to have open communication and a good relationship but it’s work.  As a parent, you have to commit to be present even if you’re tired, not interested, or have a headache. Yes, being a parent is work.  It’s gratifying but it’s work nonetheless.

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I’m not the only one.  Canadian parents (82%) are already watching teen shows to feel closer.  Watching Netflix together provides common ground and a place to start a discussion.

Recently, I watched 13 Reasons Why.  It’s not what I would normally pick but it’s what kids are watching.  Since I want to be in “the know” I had no choice, and so I obliged.  It turns out that I enjoyed it.  I didn’t enjoy the idea that some people might misconstrue the idea behind the show.  I enjoyed it because it was well done, and it that it was done.  This means that it will open up the eyes of many parents that live believing that “it won’t happen” to them or their family.  The truth is it can! It can happen to the best of us, and it can happen to the worst of us.  A good way to prevent an unfortunate tragedy from happening is through communication.  Parents have to be willing to accept that any way is a good way as long as it is a way to communicate with their children.  Keep in mind, as children get older it gets more difficult to keep those doors of communication open.I actually saw 13 Reasons Why alone, but then was able to casually say “yeah, I saw it, what did you think?”.  I’m fortunate that I don’t have an issue with my daughter when it comes to talking about any topic that is serious.  Again, it’s because I have always worked hard at being present in her life.

Life has gotten much more complicated than when I was a teen.  What got me through it was knowing that I could go to my Mom with just about anything … good or bad.  When I had my daughter, I vowed to be that Mom to her.

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This Month of April #StreamTeam #ad

This month (April) is a special month because it’s my birthday.  I’ll be 49 years old.  April is also earth month; it’s supposed to me a month in which we bring our attention on matters pertaining to earth where we can educate ourselves, reflect on what we are doing right or wrong, and then learn to appreciate what we have … just a little more.  It’s a time in which we should be experiencing eye-opening facts; however, the only eye-opening fact that I am experiencing is the fact that it has been 3 months since my mom’s passing.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Whoa; “how does this fact pertain to Netflix” you ask?  Hang on to your chair, that’s what I’ll be explaining next.

In no way, shape, or form am I saying that Netflix is helping to perpetuate the pain that I continue to feel since my mom passed on.  Au contraire, Netflix has helped me indirectly by just being Netflix:

  1.  For my state of mind it has been a distraction.  I find something, anything new or old to watch and pretty much just let it play (in the background) like white-noise if you will.  I continue doing whatever it is I am doing, while Netflix provides me company.
  2.  For my entertainment it has been excellent.  Binge-watching is something that I am happy to do with certain shows.  For example, Downton Abbey on April 6th (coincidentally my birthday) had its latest season become available … two nights later and I was done watching it!  It’s a break from reality … from the pain I am feeling!

…. last, but not least ….

3.  For reminiscing purposes; remembering happy moments in my life, Netflix unknowingly provided the perfect movie for me.  ‘Night Train to Lisbon’ appeared under my Netflix profile, as an option to view.  Due to my Portuguese background; naturally, I was drawn to it and decided to watch it.  While the movie was of interest to me, I can’t really say that it would be equally of interest to others.  You see, out of everything possible in the world, this movie called out to ME and while I watched the story unfold I noticed that the story itself was no longer the focal point.  For me, the focal point was focusing on the fact that this movie had been filmed exactly across the street from my Grandmother’s house in Lisbon!  Incredibly, I noticed the building in the movie and I was taken back to every summer of my youth!  I had spent almost every summer (2 months at a time) of my youth!  I was very familiar with the majority of the locations the movie was filmed at.  Oh the memories!  Suddenly, I realized just how much I missed those days.  I was sad … and happy … and then a smile came out of the depths of me and spread across my face.  It became happy memories.  I accepted that they had made me feel sad because I knew I could not have those moments back.  Those moments submersed themselves into the sea that is my past.  This ‘sea of memories’ (my past) can’t be re-lived; however, I can always choose to ‘dive’ into it whenever I want to remember any of them.

Make March Break Sparkle #StreamTeam #NowOnNetflixCA

It’s not often that I think about younger children’s shows; mostly because I no longer have a young child.  Even my nieces and nephew aren’t so young any more!  That doesn’t mean that I don’t notice shows and/or characters.  Now that March Break is here, it’s important to be present in your little ones’ life … play with them, read to them, and watch shows with them.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Netflix shows have made a positive impact and how strong females have helped shape young girls’ outlook on life.  Julie Andrews has always been upbeat, positive, and encouraging … certainly a wonderful role model for all.

Julie Andrews is an amazing actress, singer, author, theatre director and dancer.  She is an icon and it’s hard to believe that she’s 81 years old because she just doesn’t stop being amazing!  So, guess what?On March 17 Julie Andrews will be making her Netflix debut in Julie’s Greenroom. Brought to life by the Jim Henson Company, the enriching show advocates for the arts and the positive impact creativity can have on every child’s life. With an array of very special guests (Idina Menzel, Sara Bareilles, and Alec Baldwin to name a few), Julie’s Greenroom might be a show you turn on for the kids but find yourself staying until the final curtain call.

JulieAndrewsWhat a treat!  Please do get your little ones to watch, while you enjoy watching this ever-shinning star bring smiles to your little ones’ faces.  Andrews’ ill-fated throat operation in 1997 hasn’t held her back from giving the world her rays of sunshine.

Hmmm, can you tell that I admire Julie Andrews?