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Did you know that millions of cats are surrendered to already-overflowing shelters each year due to litter box issues? On a personal note, I am horrified with this tid bit of information! The solution is so simple:  add a little patience, love and care.  What happens when these felines are adopted by a new family?

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To help ensure a smooth transition and avoid future litter box issues, Arm & Hammer™ has teamed up with the Ontario SPCA for its iAdopt holiday program for the fourth year.

Throughout the month of November, Arm & Hammer will be donating 1,300 adoption kits, each containing a box of Arm & Hammer™ Slide™ Cat Litter, a free litter coupon and tips on litter box best practices, to the first 1,300 cat adopters across Ontario at 13 different Ontario SPCA locations.  Isn’t that amazing news?!As a known cat lover, and owner of four of my own kitties, I often share beautiful pictures of my beautiful babies.  It’s not all fun and games though.  I have several litter boxes to clean every single day … and I do this at least twice each day.  Did you know that owners should have one box per cat plus one more? Actually, cats are very sensitive to smells, and even texture so litter that is dust-free and soft on their paws is ideal.  It really isn’t fun having to face so many litter boxes every day so in order to meet all my litter needs I tried, and I now recommend using Arm & Hammer Slide Cat Litter.  Paws down, it is the best experience I’ve ever had with litter.  Its patented EZ Clean Technology* means used litter slides right out! No more scrubbing or scraping the bottom of the box, and no more lingering odour with a 7-day odour-free home –  guaranteed!  I’m serious about this; you’ll be as amazed as I am.Here’s an important tip that should be common knowledge.  In order to avoid mishaps, ensure you place food and water far away from the litter boxes.  It’s simple really … you wouldn’t want to eat in front of a bathroom would you?  No!  You’d find it odd if you saw bathrooms right beside the tables at a restaurant too.  Cats aren’t any different than you and I.  It’s a basic tip but a wise one.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to go out and adopt a cat.   I’d be very happy if you did though!  I would also be happy if you would share this post with your friends and family so that if anyone will be adopting this month, they would get the benefits of the iAdopt holiday program.  No matter when you (or they) decide to adopt/rescue one of the many available cats, be sure to try some of my litter tips.All my babies have always been rescued.  I have always felt great love and joy with every single one of my babies.  It hurts immensely when they reach the end of their lives; however, the human heart is a pretty incredible thing because just when you think you don’t have any room for love is exactly when you realize that your heart has room to love even more.  All you have to do is allow for it to happen.



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I just signed the petition, “Pride Toronto Executive : Allow Police Services to March & Be Present In Uniform at Toronto Pride.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

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Use @PayPal to Donate on #WorldAnimalDay #TeamFeline

It’s a debate as old as time. Which of our furry friends reigns supreme – cats or dogs? Whether you’re rooting for man’s best friend or #TeamFeline, there’s no questioning that having a furry companion can have many benefits.

Disclosure: I have not been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

As a mom to three furbabies … three beautiful furry felines … I can attest to how quickly expenses add up.  Now, multiply these expenses by the 3 cats I have and now it’s just mayhem.

But who really comes out on top when it comes to dipping into their humans’ wallets? In honour of World Animal Day on October 4th, PayPal crunched the numbers to find out.

At an annual rate, cats seem to have the largest impact on your wallet, with dogs trailing closely behind: 


$4,775.45 = Set up costs ($485.45) + On-going monthly expenses ($4,290.00) for the first year


$3,418.86 = Set up costs ($1,130.94) + On-going monthly expenses ($2,287.92) for the first year

That doesn’t account for emergency vet bills, checkups, grooming or popular (and sometimes elaborate!) pet birthday celebrations. While the bills might feel like they’re raining cats and dogs around you, pet ownership, on average, has been proven to be far cheaper than traditional stress-management tools1.

Pet owners can show their furbabies some extra love this World Animal Day by splurging on tasty treats, new toys or a swanky new bed with PayPal conveniently from the comfort of their home alongside their pet. While you’re at it, consider using PayPal to donate to your favourite animal charity at


How PayPal did the math:

We compared the average cost of setting up a new cat or dog in a home, which came up to $1,130.94 for dog owners and $485.45 for cat owners. We also compared the average monthly costs for ongoing pet maintenance, which came up to $190.66 for dog owners ($2,287.92 annually) and almost double for cat owners at $357.50 monthly ($4,290.00 annually).

Taking a closer look at the numbers:

On average, the set-up costs for your new furry friend (assuming you choose to adopt, not shop!) break down like this:

                               DOGS CATS
Adoption fees $80-$200 $40-$130
Spay/neuter costs $330 – $600 $100-$150
New bed $14.97-$109.99 $7.49-$29.99
Obedience school $35/session N/A
Harness, leash and collar $100.97 $11.99
New toys $0.97-$34.99 $1.99-$47.99
Water and food bowls $23.99-49.99 $13.49
Litter box N/A $16.99
Litter scooper N/A $5.00
Microchipping N/A $45-$80
TOTAL (maximum amount): $1,130.94 $485.45
Data sources retrieved from the Toronto Humane Society and PetSmart.

The costs don’t end there. Once you’re set up, you’ve got monthly ongoing expenses to worry about, including:

Food $44.99/15lbs for medium-sized dogs $33.99/15.9lbs for medium-sized cats
Treats $16.99 $3.99
Toys $0.97 – $34.99 $1.99-$239.99
Waste bags/litter $7.49 $37.99
Pet insurance $47.20/month $23.54/month
Doggy daycare/cat sitter $29 – $39/night $18/night
SUBTOTAL (maximum amount): $190.66 $357.50
ANNUAL TOTAL (x 12):  $2,287.92 $4,290.00
Data sources retrieved from the Toronto Humane Society and PetSmart.