A Few Cleaning Tips #DIY

These cleaning tips aren’t so much a DIY as in creating something but more of a DIY as in reusing something … in a different way.  Here, let me explain.

To Clean a Lampshade:

After drying your clothing in your dryer remove the used dryer sheet and keep it to one side for use at a later time. Whenever it’s time to clean the dust off of your lampshade I’ve found that it’s best to use up my used dryer sheets for this very purpose! Yup! Cleaning your lampshade with the used dryer sheets will recycle the dryer sheets, pull away dust from the lampshade, and prevent static cling.  FYI the prevention of static cling means that less dust will land on your lampshade … what an added bonus!

To Air Freshen With Your Vacuum:

What you read is correct.  You can make an air freshener out of your vacuum by simply soaking a cotton ball in vanilla and then putting it into your vacuum’s cleaner bag. When you vacuum you’ll be getting rid of your household smells; like pet, cooking, or other smells. You’ll be left with a lovely scent instead.  Simple and effective!


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