A High Grade (#ad) #Catnip with #Meowijuana

High grade catnip?  Yup, you heard right.  Recently, I came across Meowijuana (a catnip brand https://shop.meowijuana.com) and I was instantly drawn to it.  Seriously?  What cat mom wouldn’t?

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

It’s not always easy to care for those furry family members; sometimes there are hard decisions to be made.  Fortunately there are fun decisions to be made, like the decision to get Jake, Josie, Jasper Jr., and Jacob to have some kitty fun.  I was taken by surprise when two seconds after I opened the sample package of Meowijuana Catnip Jacob was instantly all over it!  Like a magnet, he was attracted to the catnip cornucopia that was in front of him.  It was quite the sight to see especially since nothing had actually been opened yet! Somehow Jacob was able to smell the treats I was about to expose him to.

Three out of my four cats reacted just like I had expected.  In fact, each one of them were quite particular how they enjoyed their nip.  Jacob likes to smell, like/eat, and then roll in it.  Jasper Jr. likes to smell it and then only sometimes roll in it.  Josie likes to roll in it.  Jake doesn’t quite get it … perhaps he just isn’t interested?  He’s a senior after all.  You must have seen all the pictures I shared/posted on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook?  If you’d like to learn more about catnip, and why your cat reacts to it, you can visit: 


Grown in Southern California and Washington state, Meowijuana Catnip is a pet-safe organic catnip that you really should get your paws on.  From my own experience, catnip is extremely easy to grow however I would highly recommend it not be done in your backyard!  You see, years ago, I had planted catnip in my backyard because I had planned on making tea with it.  It was a simple concept.  Plant the herb, let it grow, and then make tea! Silly me! I never thought about the consequences to come!  Suffice it to say that ALL of the neighbourhood cats came over to the backyard pawty!!  They all had a meowtastic time … and I became herb-less.  Needless to say, the kitties had fun.

I’m not so sure that I’d want to grow my own now mostly because I’m pretty busy most of the time and don’t have any extra time left for plants.  I prefer to get the end product and have it easily accesible.  Meowijuana definitely has some creative packaging that had family and friends giggling.  They generously sent me a small gift bag of their goodies. 

The small bag has a retail value of $55 and is filled with one of each:

Feline Express (small bottle), Joints (1 1/4’s), Catnip Spray, Siamese Twinge, Muslin Toy Bag, and a cool Meowijuana tote.

Visit Meowijuana’s website and order yours!  Yes, they ship to Canada; however, I think that shipping fees would probably run a little high so I would pick some up when next in the USA.  Use the ‘Store Locator’ on their site. 

Pssst, I’ll let the cat out of the bag so-to-speak, you can purchase Meowijuana on Amazon.ca and shipping would either be free or more accessible.  You’ll have to find out that one on your own.  🙂 

*Rumor has it, that the cat company will announce a special dog treat line that will be available for purchase from Meowijuana to wholesale distributors, retail business owners and consumer customers.  Paws up if you’re happy with that news!   


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