Where is the Christmas Spirit?

Recently, my friends (and neighbours) had their Christmas inflatable display slashed by juvenile delinquents the other day, and they were devastated!  In fact, most (if not all) of the neighbourhood was.  They are one of the few neighbours that really get into the spirit of nearly every single holiday.  They spend quite a bit of money, and a lot of time on decorating their house elaborately for all to see and enjoy.

Their video surveillance camera caught this vile act; thank goodness it did because it serves as proof.  Actually seeing it happen makes it even more real (for me) because listening to those kids laugh and say “stab it, stab it” just makes me feel sick to my stomach.  They even recorded it!  Those kids probably posted the video on YouTube.  It’s quite disgusting to know that there are kids out there that think it’s ok to do this to someone’s property.   It’s not!  In reality if the kids are over the age of majority they could be charged, and even do jail time (I believe they could do 6 months)!  It might teach them a lesson, but I doubt it.

Unfortunately, those kids are under the age of 16!  Yes,  3 of the 5 kids have been identified … one of them is a girl!  Officers will be going to their school.  Apparently, all the kids at the school know about this, which means teachers and families will know about it as well.  These kids are young so they’ll probably only get a ‘slap on the wrist’.  They are old enough to know better … you would think they would do better too.

So tell me:  where is the Christmas Spirit?  Seriously, where did it go?  When I was a kid, we never even thought about doing anything like this … let alone DO anything like this.  It didn’t matter if someone didn’t celebrate that particular holiday, we just knew to respect others.  Period.  There was no confusion about it.  I don’t know what’s happening with society; as a whole, but I hope that it stops.  We are losing our humanity, our social skills, our respect for one another and it HAS to stop.

I’m happy that my friends managed to semi-repair the damage, at least enough to last this Christmas.  I, for one, really appreciate all of their wonderful, festive displays and hope that they never stop.  I also hope that the kids involved will be forced to make amends, either by paying for the damage, by community work, or by donating to a charitable organization (of my friend’s choosing).

CTV News covered the story and it can be seen here.



3 thoughts on “Where is the Christmas Spirit?

  1. That’s terrible! Glad they caught the ones responsible. Kids need to be taught to respect others and their property. They should make them pay it back with labour. Shovel the family’s yard for the rest of the winter, whatever they need to make up for it. Sickening the truth is they will probably just get a slap on the wrist like you said.

  2. I lost the spirit this year. I look around and see it’s for all the wrong reasons, people only want gifts and forget the reason for the season…..
    Bah. I got the assholes what they wanted but I’m over Christmas, this pagan cash-grab holiday, and what it doesn’t stand for. Jesus is the reason for the season, not lights, trees and gifts.

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