How To End Period Leaks #AlwaysMyFit #ad

Do you experience period leaks?  When I was growing up, it was a common occurrence and I hated it each and every time.  I experienced so many embarrassing moments, over the years.  Fortunately, as feminine protection improved so did my confidence.  Feminine protection has come a long way! Thank goodness for women everywhere.  Ahem.  Not that I want to highlight my age; however, I will tell you this:  I remember using pads with belts!  Ahh, those were interesting days, the days of hit and miss.  Ugh.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

What would you say if I told you there is a way to put an end to leaks?  Hard to believe?  Perhaps.  It doesn’t have to be a dream.  It’s simple really; let me show you how ….

The reasons for leaks, back then, were very different than they are today.  Pads were bulky, didn’t stay in place (the adhesive was weak, if it had any at all), the absorbency was poor, and there weren’t sizes to pick from.  Worst of all, there wasn’t an option for overnight protection.There were feeble attempts at increasing protection from leaks.  We actually came up with some ingenious solutions:

  • we layered pads (essentially doubling protection)
  • we layered pads beside each other, overlapping (essentially widening protection)
  • we placed pads one in front of the other, overlapping (essentially lengthening protection)

Unfortunately, none of these options were reliable … the leaks just continued.Of course, as the years went by, feminine protection drastically improved.  Aside from better protection, better absorbency, and better control, there were better options.  I discovered the Always brand  some time in the 1980s and remained loyal for the following two to three decades.  Sadly, many women believe that all pads are the same, and that all leak.  That just isn’t so; all feminine pads are not the same.  Realistically, if women aren’t ‘one size fits all,’  then feminine care shouldn’t be either.  Wearing the wrong size pad can cause leaks.  It’s time for better protection.  It’s time for Always My Fit.The new Always My Fit sizing system is designed to help girls and women who are wearing the wrong size pad, along with the many who experience leaks every month, find the coverage that is right for them. The new Always My Fit system is the latest advancement in the feminine care category to ensure girls and women experience the best comfort and the superior protection they’ve come to expect from an innovative brand like Always.  Simply put the better the pad fits, the better it protects.It’s all about options!  All you have to do is look on the chart to discover the perfect fit for you.  Always pads are numerically sized 1 through 5 so you can find the best protection, based on your flow and panty size for day or night. It couldn’t be any easier to gain confidence, control, and peace of mind.  It’s liberating knowing that you can feel relieved and in control.

More than two thirds of Canadian women experience leaks every month?  Not for long!

For information on Always products, visit

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