Superior Moisture With New Olay Body Wash #ad

It’s not uncommon to have extremely dry skin.  The weather, indoor heat, and showers all play a part in drying out our skin.  New Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, launched earlier this year, and is available where Olay products are sold.  Do I think you should try it?  It’s an upgraded, advanced formula that works so …. absolutely!

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

You know the routine.  First you shower using body wash, and then you lather your body with moisturizer once you’re dry.  I’ll confess; I don’t always moisturize due to lack of time; however, my end result is drier skin.  I just want one product to take care of my needs, and I think I’ve found it.New Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is a (new) body wash that is effective, smells wonderful, and costs under $10 … it absorbs and helps combat dryness at the source, rather than just sitting on the skin’s surface, and doesn’t leave a coated feel.

  •  specially formulated with petrolatum
  • dermatologist-recommended moisturizer that nourishes
  • contains Pro-Glycerin, a naturally derived essence from sunflowers (helps to penetrate skin faster than ever before)
  • leaves skin light and silky
  • cleans and locks in moisture

This means healthy looking skin that feels clean and smooth all from one product!

Personally I found that the texture of the body wash to be luxuriously thick and creamy, the scent to be mild and pleasant, and that it lathers well (especially with a body puff or loofah).  I can feel the slippery-smooth-feeling all day long and I love it!  At first, it looks like a lotion but quickly turns into a gentle foam while you lather.  Once out of the shower, you might opt to use a body lotion for added moisture; however, with New Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash you can choose not to.  On a busy day, I did just this and noticed that I really didn’t need the added moisture … my skin was hydrated enough.

Overall, what I love most; aside from the amazing scent and effectiveness, is that it rinses clean and is residue free.  It’s exactly how I want my body wash to be.

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