A Hand Vacuum You Can Fall in Love With #Ryobi #ad

I recently received the Ryobi  18V ONE+™ EVERCHARGE™ HAND VACUUM and have fallen in love.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

A powerful hand vacuum that’s affordable is all I ever wanted; unfortunately, I never came across one that gave me all I needed … until now.

ABOUT RYOBI:  RYOBI specializes in making pro-featured power tool and outdoor products truly affordable.  All RYOBI 18V ONE+ tools work with all RYOBI 18V ONE+ batteries. That’s more than 50 tools all powered by the same battery.  RYOBI is sold exclusively through The Home Depot.

So all tools; Ryobi and otherwise, automatically end up in the man-cave.  This is unfortunate for me because I don’t really go out to the man-cave unless I’m parking my car.  Not that I personally use tools on an ongoing basis … that’s not something I do!  It’s just frustrating that every time I actually do need a tool I have to go hunting for one.  When the Ryobi  18V ONE+™ EVERCHARGE™ HAND VACUUM arrived, explained that anyone can use it but that it would remain in the house so that I can have access to it at all times.  This baby was definitely mine!

So it came to be.  The Ryobi  18V ONE+™ EVERCHARGE™ HAND VACUUM was un-boxed and given a home in the basement.

The first thing I noticed was a wall mount adaptor for storage that conveniently charges the battery on the hand vacuum ensuring it’s always ready for use.  The on-board LED light notifies the user that the status of the charging battery and when it’s fully charged.  The charge lasts!  **compared to 18V Ni-Cd (P100) – the compact lithium-ion battery has up to 20% more runtime, and holds charge 4X longer**

When I picked up the hand vacuum, I noticed how lightweight it is, and the fact that it has an angled nose which will allow you to get into tight spaces.  The dust canister is see through; it’s larger than most.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed a dual filter system which basically captures debris for removal to provide maximum vacuum performance.  The design of the canister ensures all debris remains in  the dust cap during use and while being stored vertically.Until this point I was happy; however, once I pressed on the button to start vacuuming for the first time I was ecstatic!  Talk about power in my hand!  Wow!  It was at this point that I KNEW that this hand vac was mine and I outright claimed it as my own.

With 3 cats I constantly have to clean up after them.  Just imagine daily fur balls, tufts of fur, and whiskers and/or shedding claws.  Yes, it seems like there’s always something to vacuum here.  This is exactly why a hand vac is so important … I just don’t have the energy to lug out the big vacuum to do touch-ups here and there.  This hand vac only weighs 2.2 lbs. Even the handle is comfortable; the grip is super comfortable and it has a spacious opening so that all sized hands can fit in it. It isn’t a problem for me as no one else will be ‘handling’ it!  Please note:  this hand vac isn’t just a fur ball picker-upper!  Oh no it is not!  It can pick up a variety of dry materials quickly, and efficiently.

With a limited 3 year guarantee … how can you go wrong?

Don’t forget:  it’s available at Home Depot.

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