@Pasta_Felicetti Makes Both Mom and Baby Happy

Felicetti Pasta Company, the world’s largest producer of 100% organic pasta has recently launched a line of organic, ancient grain pastina, tiny pasta, for babies in Canada.

Disclosure: I have not been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

A baby’s food is essential to their growth and development. This baby pasta is enriched with protein, fibre and Vitamin B1, to ensure healthy bones and growth. It comes in two shapes: tiny stars (stelline) and mini tubes (coralline) in two types of grain: organic ancient emmer wheat and organic ancient durum wheat. Each is enriched with Vitamin B1, to ensure healthy bones and growth. Non-GMO, rich in protein and fibre, with a naturally nutty flavour.  It is small in size, easy-to-swallow, and perfect for babies over 6 months of age.

Felicetti pastina is different from all the others on the grocery shelf as it’s the only 100% organic ancient grain pastina for babies.  Their traditional Italian ancient grain pasta, with its pure flavour, is an ideal introduction for baby to solid food and new tastes. Felicetti Pasta uses only pure, chlorine free, Dolomite Mountain spring water, which they combine with these exceptional organic grains for a food that’s genuine, healthy, safe.

A note about our certified organic pasta for baby:
Even though requirements for organic certification for adults are quite strict, those for products intended for children are even more stringent. For example, the level of pesticides is set at less than 0.01 mg per kg the limit for food intended for baby is even lower.  Analytical controls and verifications are performed at each step of production.
The full line of Felicetti pasta is available in Canada at such fine gourmet shops including:
  • Wholefoods, Pusateri’s, Mac Ewan’s, Sweet Potatoe in Ontario
  • Urban fare, Choices, Green Market in Vancouver
  • Avril and Tau in Quebec

I found this pastina to be so tasty.  While I no longer have a baby in the house, I do make chicken soup with pastina when someone is not feeling ill.  This pastina cooks up quick and easy, and is so flavourful.  You’re guaranteed to be pleased with the results.

One thought on “@Pasta_Felicetti Makes Both Mom and Baby Happy

  1. yeah stuff like that is super fun in soups if you have small kids (Well ok, for adults too!!) I always tried to buy the alpha bet noodles or the star ones when I made soups when my kids were tiny

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