There’s an Episode for That #Netflix #StreamTeam

From tackling peer pressure to learning to achieve five whole minutes without a cell phone in hand, addressing tough topics with your kids head-on can be hard. It’s not always easy to explain why you can’t get them that dress, shoes, or $200 yoga pants, but with Netflix, your kid’s favourite shows can open the door for these tricky conversations.  As a mother of an 18 year old, I’m facing MANY interesting topics of conversation … boys, sex, drugs, College, and life!  Ahhhh, help me!

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Netflix is host to a variety of family-friendly shows that explore a range of real-life issues with equal measures of humour, angst and heart. No matter your situation, chances are there’s a show and episode that can kick-start a dialogue around the topic just by watching it together.

Let’s talk about …

Actions Have Consequences
Watch Ep. S1E1&2: Pilot & Consequently

Brandon finds himself in a dangerous situation when trying to help Callie (his new foster sister) find her brother — learning that his actions can result in unexpected consequences. 

My daughter loves watching The Fosters but she watches it on her own.  That’s fine; I give her the space to do so … it’s important to respect your children’s wishes and boundaries.   However, because of this show my daughter has come to me afterwords with questions and comments about her life.  This opens up the door to communication and we actually end up talking about a lot.  In reality, we have an excellent, open relationship and I know that she still tells me just about everything.  I hope that our mother-daughter relationship continues to be open and honest.  Regardless of life’s trials and tribulations, there is always a solution.  This is what I want my daughter to learn.

Watching shows together may give you a way into your child’s social life.  You remember being a kid, don’t you?  Did you tell your parents EVERYTHING?   I know that I didn’t.  That’s exactly why I ended up making a lot of mistakes in life.  A lot.

I know that our little conversations – you know the kind … “how was your day?” – aren’t enough to keep me in “the loop” but if an episode on Netflix (TV) can make it easier to talk about tricky topics then so be it.

How do you start conversations with your kids?

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