Participants for #StayfreeChallengeContest #Giveaway Have Been Selected!! Is It You?

The 25 participants have been randomly selected.  Unfortunately I have made a huge boo-boo!  When creating my application form, I failed to include a column for your email address so I have no way of contacting you!  I blame it on the morphine I was on (I’ve been healing from a surgery).  Will the selected participants please leave a comment below?  The comment will be waiting for my moderation; I’ll delete each comment but will be able to get each of your emails in the process.  You can then await my email to begin the Challenge.


ALL participants have now been selected and I also have all required emails (Thank You).  The 25 selected participants (listed below) will be receiving a confirmation email shortly.


The outstanding 2 applicants have not responded; therefore, I am requesting that the following applicants please leave a comment on my blog so that I may have your email address:
Marie Stevens
Tainan Lu
jay nelson
Lisa bolduc
Victoria Kondovski
ELAINE walls
LInda Homareau
Margo Beredjiklian

NOTE:  ** Currently I have 4 outstanding email address requests.  If I don’t get them by Wednesday March 30th NOON I will have to select 4 replacements.  **

Thank you so much.

Those 25 participants are:

Cheryl Morreale

Amy Heffernan


Carolle Hall

Darrah Bailey


Toby Collins

Lori Galbraith  [was selected elsewhere]>>> replacement:  Doris Calvert

Heidi Pawluk  [was selected elsewhere]>>> replacement: Debbie Watson

Doreen Magee

Lynda Cook

Tracy Morin

Tiffany Collins

Freda Mans-Labianca

Cheryl MacPhail

Serena Debolt


Amy Mizen   [was selected elsewhere] >>> replacement: Sarah Khan** >>> replacement>>>Michelle Bainbridge

HEIDI CARLSON-REID  **  >>> replacement:  Renee Linton

Kelly Pollock-Clemett **  >>> replacement:  Victoria Kondovski

Rita Iaboni  **  >>  replacement:  jay nelson

Amanda Fontaine

maria almeida

Please rest assured, I have your information on file and will be sending out an email to you shortly.

34 thoughts on “Participants for #StayfreeChallengeContest #Giveaway Have Been Selected!! Is It You?

  1. I actually won the opportunity to do this challenge from another blog last week. I understand I can only be chosen from one blog. I will have to pass on this opportunity. Thanks! Amy Mizen

  2. I sent you a message via facebook (I was at work) I’m the ferret_binabug , and I was the Olay winner on your blog ( and my email is the j 94 gmail one)

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