Happy Valentine’s Day xox

Valentine’s Day, as we know it, is a day that we choose to celebrate love. Love of our partners, our children, and even our friends … and pets too!  We give cards, flowers, chocolates, teddy Bears, and other gifts.  It’s all good (especially the chocolate).   

The origins of the day can be a little confusing.  Are we he origins Catholic? Roman?  Are we celebrating love? Fertility?  Or are we celebrating a Saint?  All of the above perhaps?

What Valentine’s was, and/or where it came from isn’t as good as important (to me) as what the day means to each of us.  While the day might be just “another day” to one person, it might be a very special, romantic day to another.  I’m happy simply knowing that I’m thought of.  Sending you best wishes on this love-filled day…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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