Did the Holidays Bring Your Family a New Cat or Kitten? #ChurchDwightValue

The holidays bring friends and family together with love undoubtedly in the air. It’s not surprising, then, that cat adoptions spike over the holiday season! If you’ve recently welcomed a new feline friend to your family, here are some great tips to help your furriest family member feel comfortable in his or her new forever home. I just hope that it’ll be a forever home!

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Give your new furry family member the best home possible.

C&D Product_ClumpSeal_EN

  • Let them hide: Cats love to sneak away to a favourite spot, especially when they are still weary of their new surroundings. Creating areas for your new cat to hide out by moving your couch out from the wall a few inches or pulling your bed covers down until they hit the floor is ideal so your cat can enjoy some alone time.
  • Stock the pantry: Pick up a few necessary items prior to introducing your cat to his or her new home, but don’t go overboard as you’ll want to learn your cat’s personality and preferences. It’s important to have wet and dry food options, along with separate food and water bowls, to set up an eating station.
  • Privacy, please: Everyone in the family deserves a little privacy and your cat is no different! Make sure you place the litter box in a quiet spot and away from your cat’s eating station. A litter box lined with 3-4 inches of Arm & Hammer ™ Clump & Seal ™ litter is a must have for a 7-day odour-free home—guaranteed.
  • Lighten the load: Your groceries are heavy enough to load out of the car, now Arm & Hammer ™ Clump & Seal™ LightWeight litter contains the same amount of uses as our regular clumping litter, at half the weight, so you won’t need to worry about lugging heavy litter around with you.
  • Prepare for playtime: Having different types of toys on hand is a great way to engage with your cat and determine his or her play habits. A scratching post is also essential—cats need to wear down their nails, so be sure to have this in place or your furniture will see the result.
  • Spend some quality time together:  In the beginning, visit with your cat frequently but for short periods of time. Visiting can mean interacting directly with your new cat in the form of play or petting, or quietly reading a book or chatting on the telephone in the same space as your new companion.


One thought on “Did the Holidays Bring Your Family a New Cat or Kitten? #ChurchDwightValue

  1. aren’t kittens the most fun? (never had a puppy so can’t say if they are as rolly polly as a cat) We have one cat now and 4 ferrets so we have to use a non clay litter (ours is the recycled newprint) the ferrets can’t use reg cat litter

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