New Year’s Resolutions #NetflixResolution #StreamTeam 

Sticking to those New Year’s resolutions is easier said than done, which is why Netflix is offering a realistic resolution so easy to keep you won’t even have to leave your couch.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Why not make 2016 the year that you put your Netflix “My List” on a diet and drop some of those show pounds? Netflix has all the shows you’ve been meaning to watch, from “Breaking Bad” to “House of Cards,” so resolve to binge this year and feel good about your accomplishment. Check out the infographic below for 8 resolutions you’ll actually keep!
 Personally, the above shows (those I’d be interested in) aren’t on my ‘diet’ list because I’ve already seen them.  In fact, this mention of “diet” doesn’t really apply to me if we’re going to limit the ‘diet’ to only the listed shows.  The list of shows that I really want to see, and have been wanting to see for some time now are different.

To start the New Year right, I binged-watched ‘The Last Kingdom’ over 2 days and I’m now so upset.  You see, now that I’ve seen all of season one, what do I do now? How long before season two becomes available?  This show was awesome!  Ahhhhhh!  It’s yet another Netflix favourite; one to throw on the “waiting for the next season to watch” list.  OITNB, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and now The Last Kingdom is what my list looks like.  What’s your list like?

Thank goodness for Netflix.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions #NetflixResolution #StreamTeam 

  1. I just dropped my Netflix at Christmas. Not once, but twice I got hacked. I noticed stuff on my account that no one here watched, so I did what Netflix suggested to remove the hacker that was watching on my dime. It worked for a couple weeks then boom! Again a new hacker.
    Until they get better cyber-security for their services, they can kiss my ass.

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