How to do Proper Kegal Exercises

Ideally, women should be doing regular Kegal exercises.  Whether it’s before or after child birth, it’s best to maintain a regular Kegal exercise routine.

Many women report that Kegal exercises don’t work; however, many women don’t do them properly.  It’s easy to learn, and I’m going to explain just how:

  1. Squeeze the vaginal muscles (the same ones used to stop the stream of urine)
  2. Hold for a slow count of ten seconds 
  3. Relax for a count of five seconds
  4. Repeat

Do 5 sets three times each day!

You should notice results in 3-4 weeks.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “How to do Proper Kegal Exercises

  1. I think I’ve done over a million kegals in my lifetime! I was taught to do them like an elevator going up and down floors, holding on each floor!

  2. I know they’re important, but I seldom seem to find time to do them. Maybe that will be my New Years’ resolution – starting today.

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