The Secrets Behind Aging #PGMom

Being a mom can be tough and it’s understandable that not all of us have time to read every (or any) of the latest academic science journals when they’re published.  But there was one article this month that is too important to miss.  Olay’s scientists conducted a study that found out the genetic secrets behind ‘exceptional skin agers,’ and the study was covered in Nature, a world-renowned weekly science journal.

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When it comes to aging, we accept that our skin is going to change.  With time our cheeks develop wrinkles and lose their youthful hues. But we all know some women who don’t seem to age.  They have flawless skin and a youthful glow into their older years.  Olay’s scientists have found that the reason for this ‘exceptional aging’ is genetic.

The scientists found that:

  • Exceptional skin agers are women who stand out from the norm of their age group in terms of their facial skin appearance and biology.
  • Through the study, we discovered a gene expression fingerprint that was unique to these younger than average looking ‘exceptional agers’ – approximately 2,000 genes related to specific biological pathways – which came as a huge surprise to our scientists. We all have those genes in our skin, but in the ‘exceptional skin agers’ they are working harder.
  • Key biochemical pathways were identified as part of an ‘exceptional skin ager’ signature; cellular energy, cell junction and adhesion, skin barrier (moisture barrier), DNA repair and replication, anti-oxidants.
  • Women’s aging is not predetermined by their genetics, but there are five tipping points related to gene expression changes as demonstrated in the MDE study, that occur as we age:
  • Antioxidant response (20s)
  • Skin bioenergy (30s)
  • Cellular senescence (40s)
  • Skin barrier function (50s)
  • Acceleration of all the above (60s)

To learn the secrets to why people age faster than others, and what types of genes are involved, check out the article “Cosmetics: Molecular Beauty” in Nature.

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