Cooling Gear from @MissionAthlete #OnAMission

Have you heard about Mission?  They’ve created amazing cooling gear that you NEED to try!

About:  MISSION was founded in 2009 by an elite group of athletes looking to create an innovation-led brand focused on solving problems for athletes.

Pioneering a new product category dubbed Athletecare, MISSION uses science and real life insight from the world’s greatest athletes, to create disruptive sport technologies that elevate performance.


Combat the elements before competition


Enhance performance during competition


Restore body after competition

… You can learn more HERE.

Let’s face it, heat stroke (and other heat related illnesses) are preventable.    Stay hydrated, and keep cool.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Exercising in hot air can raise your internal temperature to a point where your body has a tough time cooling down.  More so  if you exercise in heat and high humidity for too long, sweat heavily, and do not drink enough liquids.   Mission’s towels would definitely be an asset in this situation.

I was offered the Mission EnduraCool Cooling Towel to review, and thank goodness they did because it’s been a HOT summer thus far!  Let me tell you, when it arrived I had my doubts … how could a little towel keep me cool?  I quickly discovered that Mission had; indeed, appropriately named it EnduraCool!  It’s a coolness that lasts and lasts!  Just follow 3 simple steps:  soak towel, wring excess water, and snap towel to activate.  It has the added bonus of being machine washable and can be tumble dried.

While I’m not an athlete, I do go on walks, and I certainly keep busy throughout summer.  I actually overheat very easily; even in the air-conditioned indoors.  It’s the European in me.  Seriously, anyone who knows me knows that I am ALWAYS hot.  I’m even worried about what will happen when I start having hot flashes during menopause!  Mission did create their cooling towels for athletes but they have something really fabulous here!  They should cater to two more groups:

  1. women going through menopause
  2. public transportation drivers

My partner works for the Toronto transportation system and is always hot in the summer; the street-cars don’t have air conditioning and are always over crowded.  The EnduraCool Towel was put to the test and was much approved!  Mission’s EnduraCool Cooling Towel keeps you cool for hours!  You can use it many ways too:

  •  let it hang around your neck
  • wrap it on your wrist
  • place it on your head
  • wipe your face, neck, arms (as a cool down)
  • knot it around your head

… the list goes on!

I’m looking forward to taking Mission’s EnduraCool Cooling Towel with us on our next trip to Hawaii.  We love taking long hikes, and my EnduraCool Cooling Towels will come right along with us!  They roll up nicely, and take up little space.  It is the perfect vacation companion!

Disclosure: Mission has provided me with EnduraCool Cooling Towels in exchange for this post.  I have not otherwise been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed (if any) are mine alone; positive comments or review is not required. Any information acquired from Mission’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.

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