Expect More from Your Desserts #PCSummer

This year, the President’s Choice® team invites you to expect more from summer, from the food we eat, to the experiences we share. When it comes to dessert, this means juicier berries, richer chocolate, sweeter cakes and tangier tarts. To help you on your journey, they have put together the tools you’ll need to create some delicious summer sweets, including tips for crafting the ultimate ice cream bar and a delicious recipe for PC® Ice Cream Shop Flavours Watermelon Crunch Ice Cream Sandwich.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Do you remember me sharing my PCSummer weekend cottage getaway? While there, we created our own fun ice cream desserts! Our mini-competition was a lot of fun; we literally had access to just about everything to create our masterpieces!    Our team (team 1) was the best; in my opinion. The evidence was eaten up along with the 3 runner-ups that very night.  I loved how fun and easy it was to create our masterpieces.  I loved how we got to work together to get our desserts made.  I also loved the friendly competition.  This experience would be fun to replicate this summer; perhaps at one of many summer gatherings?  You might like to try it too!  Try it at your next:

  • Pool party
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Indoor Cool-Down Luncheon
  • It’s too hot in my hot-tub gathering
  • Summer Cottage Retreat

On Behalf of the President’s Choice® team:

The Ultimate Ice Cream Bar 

After such a long, tough winter, we truly deserve the ultimate Canadian summer – one with long, balmy evenings, plenty of time outdoors and, of course, the best in seasonal foods. When it comes to summer dining, nothing beats dessert. From fresh, sweet berries to velvety ice cream and other cool treats, summer is the absolute best time to indulge your sweet tooth.

A recent survey by the President’s Choice® team uncovered the top outdoor dining preferences across the country. The research revealed that 63 per cent of Canadians identify ice cream as part of their ideal al fresco summer dining experience. To help you get the most out of this favourite summer dessert, the President’s Choice® team has put together tips for creating the ultimate ice cream bar. This fun, interactive after-dinner treat is a great way to bring friends and family together – and an easy choice for those who expect more from their desserts.

Get Off to a Solid Start

The key to creating a perfect summer sundae is a delicious ice cream base. Choose a minimum of three flavours to appeal to different tastes – one classic like chocolate or vanilla, an indulgent flavour like cookie dough and a refreshing summer seasonal like PC® Ice Cream Shop Flavours Watermelon Crunch Ice Cream.

Stay Organized

A cute, inexpensive way to organize your ice cream treats is to place everything in simple, white bowls and use popsicle stick labels. Write the names of your treats in marker on one end.

Use Biteable Bowls

What could be more indulgent than serving dessert in a dish you can devour too? Using an edible bowl also does double duty as there is less clean up! Favourites like PC® Waffle Bowls will have your guests quite literally licking the bowl.

Tease Your Taste Buds 

Offering a selection of sweet, sour and salty toppings is a great way to elevate your ice cream sundae and create a flavour that’s one of a kind. Try topping vanilla ice cream with toasted pumpkin seeds and maple syrup or mix fresh fruit and nut brittle for a sweet and salty taste sensation.

Try Textures

Toppings with a little bit of texture create a contrast that keeps ice cream dishes interesting. Crumble cookies, chop candy pieces or sprinkle nuts to add a little crunch. Or, skip the “do-it-yourself” and try the PC® Ice Cream Shop Flavours in Chocolate Cookie Topping or Sugar Cone Topping – they instantly turn any bowl of ice cream into a party of flavours and textures. An inexpensive trick is to always put out a small bowl of coarse sea salt for texture and flavour. Sprinkle to taste.

Get Saucy

Give your guests a selection of sweet sauces and syrups to layer new flavours into their dish. Squeezable options, like PC® Caramel Syrup Ice Cream and Dessert Topping, are a great way to make sundaes quickly and easily – while cutting down on clean up time.

PC® Ice Cream Shop Flavours Watermelon Crunch Ice Cream Sandwich …

If you want to take your ice cream indulgence to the next level, try treating your taste buds with this unique recipe developed by Rob Bragagnolo, Executive Chef at the award-winning Marben restaurant in Toronto. In a spin on a classic cake or cookie base, the creamy filling is sandwiched between fresh fruit, which 60 per cent of Canadians believe should be part of the perfect summer meal. Starring PC® Ice Cream Shop Flavours Watermelon Crunch Ice Cream and topped with the ultimate Canadian sweet, PC® 100% Pure Light Maple Syrup, this scrumptious dessert is easy to assemble and even easier to enjoy.



4 scoops​PC® Ice Cream Shop Flavours Watermelon Crunch Ice Cream

12 leaves​Fresh mint, minced

4 Tbsp​PC® 100% Pure Light Maple Syrup


1. Peel the watermelon and cut 8 equal squares, 3 x 3 inches.

2. Spread an even layer of PC® Ice Cream Shop Flavours Watermelon Crunch Ice Cream on one side of the watermelon square and top with another square of watermelon to form an ice cream sandwich.

3. Reserve the sandwiches in the freezer.

4. When ready to serve, drizzle with maple syrup and top with a pinch of mint.

Serves four.

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