Enjoying a #mixedfeeding Pet Food Program

As an animal lover, an avid cat lover, and cat owner to (now) three cats, I am very careful about choosing what is best to feed my Furbabies.  What exactly is a mixedfeeding pet food program?
 A regular mixed feeding diet of both dry and wet food for dogs and cats is the best way to keep your pet happy and healthy. Though both types of food are nutritionally balanced and complete, each offer unique and complementary health benefits. Dry food is a concentrated energy source, and its crunchy texture helps maintain our pet’s oral health, while wet food’s high moisture content supports proper organ function and a healthy urinary tract.

Mixed feeding is super easy – as long as you are feeding your pet both at least once a week, you are mixed feeding correctly! So that means mixed feeding is easy and healthy – and pets love it! Both my Jake and Josie were selected to participate in a month long mixed feeding program.  Jasper Jr.  joined our family well after the program started but (trust me) he joined in immediately after being introduced into our household.

Did you know?

Mixed feeding provides your pet with a welcome variety of taste & texture. Other benefits include.

Benefits of Wet Food

1. Wet food encourages water intake. High moisture content helps support a healthy urinary tract especially in cats and small dogs.

2. Wet food contains less calories per gram than dry food.

3. Wet food is closer in texture to the food that dogs or cats would naturally choose. Maybe this explains why they seem to enjoy it so much!

4. Wet foods deliver a variety of tastes and textures.5Soft texture is easy for puppies, kittens and senior animals to chew

Benefits of Dry Food

1. Dry food is a concentrated source of nutrition and energy

2. Chewing the crunchy kibble helps support oral care health

3. Dry food is usually less expensive than wet on a $/kg basis

4. Serving dry food is convenient – a bowl of Dry can be left out all day without the risk of it drying out or going stale

Watch for my follow up post …

Disclaimer:  Whiskas provided me with a month’s supply of dry and wet food for review; I have not been paid for this post. All opinions expressed (if any) are mine alone; positive comments or review is not required. Any information acquired from Whiskas‘ various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review. 

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