Celebrate Canada Day and the Rest of Summer with Our Finest Products at @WalmartCanada #OurFinest

I love celebrating life during the summer months; however, my definition of celebrating summer is easy, casual, and comfortable because I want everyone to enjoy it (including me)!

Normally, I wait until around Canada Day to hold a BBQ.  I usually hold it just before, or just after it because I’d like for everyone who’s invited to be able to attend.  In the past, we’ve thrown in “celebrating the end of the school year” for good measure, and this year we did just that.  In fact, we focussed primarily on my daughter this year because we’re running out of precious youthful years with her … she’s looking forward to her final year in High School and then who knows?!  The fact of the matter is, she’ll be an independent woman in just a few years so; in the meanwhile, we’ll have to make every precious moment count.  I asked my daughter to invite a few friends over for a ‘Linner’ BBQ [lunch + dinner = linner] and then made sure she extended the invite to include a late night filled with movies, snacks, and even a sleepover, should they so choose to do so.  After the invites were given, my daughter and I set out to pick up a few needed snack items at Walmart. Walmart’s premium food brand, Our Finest, has delicious appetizers, main courses, desserts, bakery items, juice, tea, coffee, and so much more!  You’d be surprised – I was – to discover that the more you look, the more you discover the Our Finest brand throughout Walmart. There’s a range of delicious products from quality ingredients and all at prices that will impress your guests for less this summer. For example, the Our Finest Caramel Burst Ice Cream … I cut up green mango and fresh sweet strawberries to sprinkle on top of bowls of ice cream; instead we scooped ice cream into waffle cones and drizzled chocolate syrup on top.  The ice cream was probably one of the best that we’ve all had in a long time!  We devoured a carton in one evening!  I almost forgot to take pictures of our ice cream entirely!  My daughter and her friends were heard scraping the last bit of ice cream from the carton at the end of the evening, after the adults were in bed, enjoying a cup of excellent Our Finest coffee (for Keurig).  Finest ingredients make up the finest products that; more importantly, are loved by our family and guests.  Our Finest offers great inspiration on how Canadians can save money, but enjoy delicious food this summer.  All you have to do is enjoy!

CUS_WM_OurFinestHeader_20150305You can find many Our Finest items on-line; however, I found even more available when I went physically to the Walmart Superstore close to my house.

I love how easy it is to shop for all I need at one store, but relieved that I can count on quality food items that will satisfy my guests without making my wallet feel empty.  My best tip for enjoying your BBQs:  keep things simple, and enjoy.

Our Finest will be helping me celebrate the rest of summer.  If you haven’t tried Our Finest brand make sure you do.  A ‘thank you’ isn’t necessary, just make sure you enjoy all that life has to offer.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart Canada, as part of the Our Finest program. In exchange this review, I have received special perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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