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I recently took part in a car clinic with PTPA.  On June 25th, Sailun Tires and PTPA put held their Sailun Car Clinic at Active Green+Ross at 5517 Dundas St., W., Etobicoke, Ontario, and I was one of the fortunate participants among them!

The Sailun Team wonderfully set up participatory and instructive mini classes.  We were broken up into teams and led through a series of mini classes:  how to change tires, what’s under the hood, what the signals mean, where to locate your vehicle information placard, and learning about tires.

I’m what you might describe as a ‘halfer’.  Half of me (the part that was born and raised here) has the modern mentality, and the other half of me (the part that spent every summer of her youth in Europe with her Grandparents – and the part that was raised by two European parents) has the old world mentality.  So; in my mind, while the Automotive World is no place for a woman, I have Canadian Woman me thinking “I can do this”.

It’s important to educate ourselves on tire/car safety because you’ll save money, the environment, and more importantly you’ll save yourself!  Safety for yourself, and those around you is the number one concern!  Your tires are what keep your car moving, so doesn’t it make sense to take care of them?  Ever experience a blow-out?  Terrifying isn’t it?  Losing control is a scary thing, and it’s dangerous.

You want tires that perform, have a comfortable road feel, and that keep you and your family safe.  If they can be economical then all the better!

About Sailun Tires: The first Sailun tires rolled off the production line in 2001. Now, Sailun sells over 30 million tires annually in over 50 countries world wide. [http://www.sailuntires.ca]  Sailun has a tire lineup that offer PASSENGER, LIGHT TRUCK & SUV TIRES; you’ll be happy to discover that the prices are much more economical.

About the Sailun Car Clinic Experience:  I’m thrilled to have been included in the Sailun Car Clinic event.  I left feeling empowered, knowing that I would be able to change a flat tire (should the need ever come up)!  If any signals light up on the dashboard, I’ll be able to figure out what they mean.  In fact, the next time I take my car into the shop I won’t feel so clueless, and I won’t feel like I’m being taken advantage of.
 Almost 30 years ago, I took Young Driver’s classes and don’t recall ever learning any of what I learned at the Sailun Car Clinic.  Car safety should be taught; it should be mandatory before one is allowed to acquire a driver’s licence.

While at the Sailun Car Clinic, I shared many pictures and tips (even step-by-step instructions) to a variety of car care/maintenance.  You can find many by using hashtag (#) SailunCarClinic when in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I have some exciting news for you!  You can …

Enter for a chance to win a Brand New set of tires from Sailun Tires and PTPA:

*Ends July 27, 2015 Open to Canada (includes Quebec)*

Free Set of Sailun Tires

Disclosure:  PTPA has provided me with this Sailun Car Clinic experience in exchange for my review and to share news of their giveaway.  I have not been financially compensated.  A positive review is not required.  Opinions expressed (if any) are my own, and are given freely.  

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