President’s Choice Muskoka Summer Retreat #PCSummer #FreshStyle #FromOurChefs #PCHomeSpring

Are you looking forward to summer? I know I am, and after spending a wonderful weekend retreat with President’s Choice in Muskoka June 5-7th  I’m even more excited!  Summer?  Bring it on!

Our wonderful weekend begun at the Loblaws Carlton store (Maple Leaf Gardens).  This is where we were welcomed by the Loblaws team and Loblaws Executive Chef Mark Russell.  We got to try some restaurant-quality dishes from the From Our Chefs line.  There are more than 50 dishes and selection varies by store; available at more than 125 Ontario stores including Loblaws, Zehrs, select Your Independent Grocer, select Valumart locations and Shoppers Drug Mart.  Six From Our Chefs products have been internationally recognized with Superior Taste Awards including: Mac and Cheese Croquette, Sticky Toffee Pudding (my personal favourite), Quinoa Turkey Spinach Meatball, Butternut Arancini, Prosciutto and Truffle Lasagna, Red Quinoa.  After filling our bellies with yumminess, we set off on our 3 hour bus ride to our Muskoka Cottage Retreat.  Our hosts (President’s Choice, PC Home, Joe Fresh, and Shopper’s Drug Mart), took 11 Bloggers, and Chef Andrea Buckett, to a dream of a cottage on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka.  We spent a weekend of blissful pampering: all meals prepared by Chef Andrea Buckett (some assistance from guests, with guidance), yoga, Q&A moments, activities, a visit from Lifestyle Expert Shoana Jensen, outdoor bonfire, and some fabulous gifts!

  • PC products; such as, to-go cup, tea towel set, measuring spoons, dinner napkins, animal baking tray, spatula, and a waffle maker from Everyday Essentials
  • Joe Fresh personalized outfit
  • Look Beauty foot mask, and Sun Bum sun care products from Shoppers Drug Mart

It was surreal, it felt like Christmas, and I loved every moment.  To say we were spoiled is an understatement.  Imagine what a cottage that’s 18,500 sq ft is like!  Well, I don’t have to imagine any longer … it’s absolutely spectacular.  You can see many of the pictures I took that I shared across my social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Some fun activities that stood out were:

1) Yoga class led by Andrea Buckett (she doesn’t only cook)

2) The Ice Cream Cake Showdown 

3) A visit from Lifestyle Expert Shoana Jensen – she shared summer beauty tips, and some of her favourite beauty picks from Shoppers Drug Mart

4) Being individually interviewed

5) Meeting a group of lovely ladies (fellow bloggers)

and last, but not least …

6) Learning about some fabulous PC products, and learning some suggestions on how to use them!  Summer, to me, means spending quality time with family and friends.  It means carefree entertaining with minimal effort so that there’s more time to enjoy! My favourite salad was the Homestyle Kefir Coleslaw:  Here’s the recipe!  

and for dessert; if not ice cream or gelato, you should try:  It can’t get easier or more yummy!

If you visit you will find a plethora of recipes that will make your toes curl.  I still enjoy the easier summer option … a selection of burgers!  I’m forever grateful, and honoured to have been selected to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies … our #PCSummer Team:  Disclosure: President’s Choice provided me this Weekend Retreat. I am not obliged to give a positive review. Any opinion(s) expressed is my own, and is given freely. Any information acquired from President’s Choice various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.

2 thoughts on “President’s Choice Muskoka Summer Retreat #PCSummer #FreshStyle #FromOurChefs #PCHomeSpring

  1. It was lovely to follow along on your channels seeing how lovely the retreat is, and the wonderful time you were having. I didn’t realize the extent of PC products there really are. Gonna check out the website for recipes to at some point. Thanks for putting that in. 🙂

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