Create a Masterpiece of a Meal Every Day #ChefsPlate

I’ve just recently been introduced to Chef’s Plate and am amazed with the whole idea!

Chef’s Plate’s mission is to put fun back into the kitchen. “We’re a meal delivery service based in downtown Toronto that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards for nutritious and affordable meals.”  This service is welcome by Moms for sure!   Why?  Day to day life is hectic and stressful and dinner time can be even more!

It’s easy!  Visit to see the dishes available for order! At Chef’s Plate, their meals come in 2-day sets or 3-day sets. For more information please refer to this link:

To try the service, I was sent Pistachio Crusted Steak with smashed fingerling potatoes and dino kale, and Japanese Yakitori Beef Skewers with sautéed kohlrabi and bamboo shoots.  My mouth is watering as I type this post!  I made the Japanese Yakitori Beef Skewers by myself; however, since I was away my partner had to make the Pistachio Crusted Steak alone … and did!  Both meals were EXCELLENT in quality, flavour, and portion size.  Coming home, tired from work, to a house full of hungry people it’s hard to fight off the urge to get Take-Out.  With Chef’s Plate you can!  The box is hand-packed and include pre-packaged fresh ingredients and a recipe card for each meal.  All you do is refrigerate all perishable items until you need them.  When you’re ready to cook, you read the entire recipe card, follow the instructions (including preparing all included ingredients and any extra items from home), and then sit down to a restaurant-quality made dinner made by you!  Very little effort is required and you’ll have a delicious meal in approximately 40 minutes.  What I like about this whole concept is:

  • fresh, seasonal pre-portioned ingredients
  • delivered in a refrigerated box to my door
  • healthy, delicious meals chosen by me
  • meals created by an Executive Chef
  • 6 new recipes every week
  • skip any delivery
  • detailed recipe cards with step-by-step instructions
  • great pricing

You can’t ask for much more!

Of course, when your partner steps in to cook you don’t say no.  Ever.  When it’s Pistachio Crusted Steak with smashed fingerling potatoes and dino kale you absolutely don’t say no. Yum! If you’d like to order from Chef’s Plate, go to and use my special code  MBABVIP .  With this code, anyone who’s completing a first time order will receive 2 free plate credits (or 1 meal)!

Disclosure: Chef’s Plate provided me this experience in exchange for my post. I am not obliged to give a positive review. Any opinion(s) expressed is my own, and is given freely. Any information acquired from Chef’s Plate’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.

4 thoughts on “Create a Masterpiece of a Meal Every Day #ChefsPlate

  1. I have been checking out their website almost daily trying to decide if I want to try this service. I am an awful meal planner.

  2. This sure sounds a great idea for busy people who want to srve their family a good home cooked meal,wish it was available here

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