We’re in the final Stage #Alzheimer’s

The time has come to make; yet again, another decision in the long-term care of my mom. It seems that her floor wants her to be moved to another floor; which is set aside only for Alzheimer’s patients. My mom has entered the late stages of Alzheimer’s and can no longer be with the general aging. This has saddened me greatly, and I’m now faced with having to make the decision to move her. I feel like I have my hands tied behind my back and there is nothing I can do except to go along with it.

The philosopher Plato [c. 400 BC] said, “The old man then, as seems, will be twice a child.”
These words ring true; I have seen them come to life before me! What does this mean? It means that my mom is entering her ‘toddler/infant stage of life’, for the second time! She is becoming toddler-like, infant-like, and then the next stage will be the very final one. This final stage is the stage that I do not look forward to at all. I fear it but I know it’s coming.

Update: The move is complete now; It wasn’t easy but it is complete. Whew! My mom’s new room made is quite the screamer; she annoyingly screams when she’s hungry … and that’s often! There is a whole floor full of people with advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. Some are quiet, some scream, while others are violent. Yes, the final stage of Alzheimer’s is not a fun thing at all.

8 thoughts on “We’re in the final Stage #Alzheimer’s

  1. My heart goes out to you. We took care of my Dad with dementia and it wasn’t easy. Along the way, I tried to remember to take comfort in the small moments when my dad was lucid. I hope you have family and friends that you can rely on to help ease this journey.

  2. My mom had early onset alzheimers, so she never really got to the later stages of the disease. She passed away at 68 due to liver cancer that had spread throughout her body. She was diagnosed and gone in a 3 week span. I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this. Sending good thoughts your way.

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