Picky Eater? Make Easy Bite-Sized Pizza

I have a picky eater.  You’d think that my daughter would’ve outgrown this picky-eater behaviour by now; she’s 17 after all!  No.  My kid started being a picky eater somewhere between 7-9 years of age … and still is picky today!

Here’s our routine in the morning:

“Mom, I’m hungry! What can I have for breakfast?”

“Whatever you’d like.”

“What is there?”

“Cold cereal, hot cereal, toast, waffles, yogurt, fruit…”

“No, no, no, no, no, no.  I’m hungry.  I want food”

After years of a similar daily conversation, trust me when I say, it gets tiresome.  Recently, we had this same conversation, but this time I happened to have a roll of Pilsbury Crescent Rolls in the fridge.

Don’t ask me how come I was lucky THIS time.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  I just was.

My daughter ask me to make Crescent Roll Pizza.  That’s basically what I did!  


-Grate cheese

-unroll crescent rolls

-spread pizza sauce on crescent roll dough, sprinkle grated cheese

-roll into crescents (as best as possible)

-bake according to directions on the Pisbury Crescent Rolls package



3 thoughts on “Picky Eater? Make Easy Bite-Sized Pizza

  1. I remember the days of my daughter being picky. Up until age 7 or 8 she ate everything..and loved it. Then all of a sudden she didn’t like things anymore. Thankfully, she is much better these days.
    This is something that would be good to eat, and fun to make.

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