Avoiding Mom Isn’t Cutting the Mustard

Alzheimer’s sucks but; then again, so does old age.  This has been an ongoing issue and will continue to be.  I hate the fact that my mom is going through both.  If my mom makes it until June, she’ll be 87 years old.  It’s not the age that makes her old, it’s that it’s combined with Alzheimer’s.  This horrible disease is debilitating, slowly suffocating the life out of its victims.

Now it’s norm, when we visit, for my mom to smile but to not know who is in front of her.  She does however continue to complain about not having money, not owning anything, and not having anything to do.  No matter what we take her, she doesn’t want it nor is she interested!  She can’t even tell you what she wants!  It’s a struggle … it’s confusing … it’s frustrating. 

Since I noticed feeling saddened after each visit, and becoming quite depressed, I found myself pulling away.  It temporarily eased the pain but it didn’t resolve anything.  Guilt is a beautiful thing (say it with sarcasm).  The fact of the matter is there’s no right or wrong answer.  Nothing makes the situation  better at all. 

My intention is not necessarily to drag this topic throughout my blog.  Although, lately it seems to be all I’m talking about.  It’s because it takes up so much of my life.  

To my loyal readers: please tell me when this topic is getting boring.  Some of you want updates not a book, and I totally get it.

9 thoughts on “Avoiding Mom Isn’t Cutting the Mustard

  1. Don’t ever say the topic of going through struggles with a loved one would be “boring”. You’re sharing your experiences and that’s not something easy. Hang in there, know you have people who care about what you write. Anytime you need to chat you know where I am! Xo

  2. Don’t ever say going through struggles with a loved one is boring! You’re writing about your experience and that’s not easy. Know you have people who do care about what you write! Hang in there my friend! Xo

  3. I think that this disease is terrible and very hard on the people around it, here is your mom and gave you life, loved you and had a certain personality, and now she looks at you like your a stranger and is not the person she was or known her to be. So for you it’s confusion and you are trying to process it and it’s difficult. So sorry you are going through this and hope you have siblings and friends you can talk too, It never gets boring as we and our parents age we are losing them and it’s so hard, my dad has been gone for a year in June and it’s even harder, I miss him so much , he was not that old and we were told he was in good shape like a 40 year old fit person, so his death was really hard and I am still trying to deal with it, If your blog let’s you reach out then it’s great, we all need someone to listen to our downs and not just when we are up! Hugs!

  4. Personally, I am interested in this topic and anything you care to share. I am getting into that phase with my dad, huge cognitive issues, and Alzheimers <– yet not diagnosed, it's quite clear he cannot recognize many things and people. These kinds of posts helps me see I am not alone.

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