Protection Has Come a Long Way Thanks to @Always #PGMom

I’m not too old;  I’m not that young either, to remember how it was in “the good ‘ol days”!  Let’s face it, females get periods.  There’s no need to be embarrassed or awkward … it’s just the way the female body works.  Get over it.

Many years ago, I remember spending one particular summer with my grandmother in Europe.  Awww; Europe, the wonderful old world.  My grandmother was from a time when feminine products didn’t exist.  Instead, women used pieces of cloth that they would fold up.  Once the cloth was saturated, they would wash them by hand … and hang them out to dry!  Yes, I said wash!  Ew.  You can imagine just how horrible it was for me to get my period (for the first time) there.  I had to experience the old way of doing things; however, as soon as I saw my neighbour go out to do her daily grocery shopping I asked her to purchase any kind of feminine product that she could find.  I survived somehow.

When feminine products came into existence, and since there was no adhesive, there had to be a way to help the feminine product stay “in place”.  What was ‘invented’?  The belt.  The horrible horrible belt.  P.S.  I hated the belt, and please trust me when I say that you would hate it too.


Since the good ‘ol days, Always has perfected the feminine products available to women.  Personally, I really feel confident when using Always Infinity and Radiant pads.  These pads are comfortable, and flexible, and give me the protection I need.  Best of all … you sometimes even forget that they’re there!

Always Radiant Collection!

The Always Radiant Collection is a line of four products that will change your period protection strategy with amazing discretion and comfort. First, there’s the incredibly thin liners that are so flexible, they fit multiple panty styles so you can stay clean all month. Then, the Radiant Wipes will help you to stay fresh and confident all day long. And finally, the Always Infinity pad. So super thin and flexible, it’s made with a unique material called Infinicel that forms to fit your body while still absorbing up to 60% more liquid*. Always Infinity gives you incredible protection you’ll barely notice.

*Than Kotex Regular with Wings. Kotex is a trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide.

Always Infinity The World’s First Foam Pad

Made of FlexFoam, a revolutionary material that absorbs up to 10X its weight. Plus, it molds to your body so it feels like nothing.

Thank you Always for being woman’s best friend.

Disclosure:  As a PGMom, I receive products and special access to P&Gevents and opportunities.  I have not been financially compensated in any other way.  I am not obliged to give a positive review.  Any opinion(s) expressed is my own, and is given freely.  Any information acquired from P&G’s various social media formats has been authorized, and has been done so as to facilitate my post/review.

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