Family Vacations Can be Challenging 

Family trips can be wonderful; however, in our case they’re a challenge.  We’ve been through this before and thought we would give it another go but that might not have been the best plan.  I guess I should start by clarifying that the three of us are Aries.  If you don’t know much about that Zodiac sign, one trait should stand out in your mind from now on: headstrong.
Throw into the mix a teenager and two tired adults … well, you have us!
We did come back alive, although I doubt very much that we’ll ever travel together again.  If we ever do, it will be many years from now.  At this point, I’m wondering if our relationships will survive.  Sad but true; not everyone has the strength to persevere.  I’m cut from a different fabric than most.  My threshold for pain is high, and I pretty much bounce back from just about anything.  I’m hoping that will be the case this time around.  I love who I am with very much, and it pains me to see both my daughter and this person not getting along.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and change a few things, but we know that can’t be done.  So now what?
Relationships can be difficult … walking away from them is easy.  Working on the relationships to heal them and cultivate them takes courage and strength.  I’m of the belief that you should work on your relationships/commitments, not just give up.  Only time will tell.
Do you have any family vacation stories that you’d like to share?  Go.

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