Hard to Believe Vacation is Over

Now that I’m back, I have one word to say: “Ew”. Winter really is just too cold for me; I have to admit that I love the beach life. We just returned from seven wonderful days in Grand Cayman! Although Caymanians think that their ‘winter’ is chilly, we found it to be a perfect summertime climate for us. Sunshine every day, blue skies, and gorgeous blue/green ocean as far as you can see … what a life! It’s hard to believe our vacation is over.

While in Cayman, our family got to do a few things that we had never done before:
– horseback riding on the beach at sunset
– snorkelling (first time in Cayman)
– holding Starfish
– swimming with Stingrays … we got to hold them, kiss them, get massaged by them, feed them, and even feel a pregnant stingray’s belly!
– eat Caymanian Rum Cake

For seven days we didn’t do too badly! There were several other things we all wanted to try. Unfortunately, we didn’t all want to try the same things and we didn’t want to be separated for too long. My partner and I did manage to squeeze in a 3 hour bike tour while my daughter sunbathed. I’m just glad that she finally feels confident enough to be left on her own for a few hours!

Grand Cayman is a beautiful little country; however, I didn’t expect it to be as little as it actually is. It’s basically a strip of land in the middle of the ocean!

13km wide by 33km long
Population approximately 55K (27K of which are in George Town)


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