3 Ways Cats Help You Relax

Being or feeling stressed is not a fun thing. Have you ever felt so much pressure/stress that you’ve undergone a major anxiety attack? Anxiety attacks (or panic attacks) are a real thing. The pain is real; it’s the anxiety that unreal! What I mean is the anxiety we feel is often due to worrying, and worrying incessantly about something isn’t going to change it. Worrying just takes away your peace.

Enter the way of the cat …

1) Physically, when a cat is in your path you soon realize that you have to stop or you’ll fall over! Similarly, life is very much the same way! Every so often, you have to stop going so fast or you’ll crash and burn.

2) Breathe. Have you ever stopped to watch a cat sleep? Did you notice their breath? Slow and steady. So relaxing, so comforting … listen to their purr and let it take hold of you. Focus on their breath, and before you know it you will find that you have slowed down your breath. Meditation works better when you have something to focus on. Use kitty’s breath, while its sleeping.

3) Emotionally pets (in this case a cat) are a great companion. They certainly occupy your time. You have to feed them, pet them, groom them, give them water, and take them to the vet! In return, you get unconditional love. That’s more than a fair trade, isn’t it? When you’re feeling down try petting a cat … rub the top of their head, or softly stroke their back. You might be lucky enough to have kitty allow you to give them a belly rub; it truly is an awesome feeling. You’ll end up smiling, and your endorphins will be released … happiness to all.


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