Getting Through Final Exams

I’ve survived the first week of exams! Yay! Ooops I mean, my daughter has survived her first week of exams! Semester one is over; which means there’s a couple week interval before second semester begins, and final exams have to be squeezed in. New courses will begin soon enough, but for now all that’s on the brain is “passing finals”.

I remember those days; albeit many years ago, like they were last week. Feeling unsure of oneself was the norm during those five long high school years. At least it felt like five long years! The reality is, five years go by far too quickly. Nowadays, high school is only four years long! Four years go by even more quickly.

At the end of my five years, I really wasn’t all that sure of what I wanted to become. I can only imagine that it’s that much more difficult to figure out what to become in a shorter time. This is exactly why I try to tell my daughter not to fret. High school is merely a stepping stone into adulthood, and anything that is required in life can always be achieved later (if not done in the younger years). What’s important is to enjoy getting through high school; this time will never return.

I don’t mean that one should ignore duty, or responsibility. Au contraire! I tell my daughter to try her best, and if it’s still not enough then she shouldn’t be too worried about it because life is long and will provide her many opportunities in the future. For example, if her grades aren’t good enough to be accepted into University (that’s if this is where she wants to go) then she can always apply as a mature adult. Life holds many options and many opportunities.

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